“Metaphoric Is Not A Denomination (Even If It Sounds Like One)”

I’ve been thinking about this metaphor off and on for some time now. Maybe it fits, maybe it doesn’t. But if there’s any group that could definitely answer the question “What are you seeking?” well, it would have to be zombies. They sort of have a one-track mind. They just want “Brains!”

But discussing zombies could be a lot like walking through a theological minefield, even a metaphorical one! Not everyone likes zombies. (But there are some people that I’ve avoided just like they were zombies, and I shouldn’t have.)

I remember many years ago reading a warning about all kinds of science fiction and horror movies because they are all the devil’s counterfeit of God’s realities. Somehow talking about zombies and other imaginary topics was opening a door for the devil to come in and take over your life. Certain kinds of music have been said to do the same thing. I can’t really say whether or not those beliefs are valid or not, but I don’t want to offend anyone who holds to them or discount anyone’s personal experiences. (For me, I believe that the devil is real, but we need to realize that he has only as much power as God allows him to have. We are not to fear Him. The devil and God are not equals.)

Anyway, I may be exploring this a bit further in a few future comic strips, particularly from the standpoint of being spiritually dead. And if zombie aren’t for you, not even metaphorical ones, I understand.

“Just Like A Rock Star, Baby!”

In thinking about “What are you seeking?” And why this is such a profound question for Jesus to ask, I have been focusing on the individual answers rather than the general condition. Today’s comic strip seeks fill in that gap a little. Seeking is the general condition of all humankind. “Everybody’s Lookin’ For Something.” That’s not a bad thing. It’s part of the way that God designed us.

Sometimes Laser Eyes Jesus says things that aren’t at all what Real Life Jesus would say, but this time, I think he’s speaking from his own experience and may be on to something. We also get an idea of what “Laser Eyes Jesus: The Early Years” may have been like.

People had already determined what they wanted before they went to see and hear Laser Eyes Jesus. They had their “list of three wishes” all prepared. Maybe they thought that since he had these remarkable laser eyes, he could give them something from their list. If not, well then, at least he put on a good show. 

People didn’t really care what he had to say because they had already made up their own wisdom and purpose and answers to fit their wishes. They only were willing to listen to words that would help get their wishes fulfilled.

People had already determined what they wanted before they went to see and hear Laser Eyes Jesus, and when they didn’t get what they wanted, they abandoned him. “Everybody wants to be a rockstar.”

Didn’t the same thing happen with Real Life Jesus? Doesn’t the same thing still happen today?

Maybe this little comic strip summarizes all of humankind, not because it’s brilliant (which it’s not), but because it’s really just an echo of Adam and Eve in the Garden Of Eden and their search for wisdom and purpose and answers based on a deeper “wish” to be granted: to be like God (or “just like a rockstar, baby!”)

Whether you believe we started with Adam and Eve or evolved from apes, all of humankind is born wanting to have a life where they are first in line “just like a rockstar, baby!” (however each one may personally define it). But Real Life Jesus never promised this first in line spot to anyone who was seeking it.

But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first. Matthew 19:30 (KJV)

“Sweet Dreams, Kid, Everybody’s Lookin’ For Something”

Today’s installment ties up some of the loose ends from yesterday. Bradley Martin, “Lloyd Servant, Your Servant Of The Lloyd,” no longer has to worry about “the Kid” being quiet about what happened to Billie, but this new shadowy character seems to know a great deal more than even the reporter!

Both Bradley and Bradeena seem to be oblivious to possibility that since Betty May Butler disappeared, she can also reappear! But I’m getting ahead of myself!

There are two very true statement in today’s comic strip about theology. First, it can be used to sell “a load of junk.” Second, it makes people think. “Lloyd Servant” has to give people something to believe (and perhaps fear) in order to sell his “load of junk,” but it can’t be so involved that it actually makes people think about God.

There’s definitely more to come! In the meantime, I’d seriously like some reader input to further the plot. Here’s a question that I’m posing to all of my readers for comment: If you were to pick one thing that would be the biggest and most spiritually dangerous lie about God currently circulating, what would that be? (There are probably quite a few!)

Your responses may be incorporated into future installments of “The Lloyd Servant Show.” I have a general idea where I want to go with his brand of theology, but it’s always fun for me to see how I can work your ideas into the plot as well!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

“The Worst Best Headline Ever”

So now we know why the last installment of “The Lloyd Servant Show” was titled “False Requiem”! That really wasn’t for our dear Betty Mae Butler after all! What a relief!

Now that their days in court are over and the forced will and life insurance policy have been upheld by the judge, it certainly looks like Bradley Martin, “Lloyd Servant,” has it made! This is particularly true since his show can now be picked up by the local “religious” cable station IC4U-TV!

Sounds like a perfect fit doesn’t it? We’ve heard him say “Let me do your thinking for you” so why wouldn’t he join a cable station that promises “Let us do your seeing for you”?!?

Will we ever see Miss Betty Mae Butler again? Are her piemaking days over! Will things calm down now that “The Lloyd Servant Show” is moving to cable? Will Bradeena have her own specially designed set or remain in a converted broom closet? All of these questions and more to hopefully be answered soon!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

Great News! This installment of “The Lloyd Servant Show” is also on the Nickel Boy Graphics page at Patreon.com.  Even Greater News! You will also find attachments will allow you to catch up with all of Chapter 2 in either a PDF or ePub document! (The ability to share ePub documents is something new with Patreon and not offered with WordPress!) This is really exciting for me because with ePub documents, you can have a genuine real comic book feel with pages that can be turned!

“The Lloyd Servant Show” (Chapter 1 – Reboot Edition)

Several posts ago I had promised to share this with you since it’s referenced in “Raspberry Bombe vs. Miracle Pie.” This is the Reboot Edition of Chapter One of “The Lloyd Servant Show” for any new readers before we move fully into Chapter Two! (This comic strip has a plot that builds on previously published pages, so it’s a bit different from the others that don’t really require knowing so much about what happened before.)

Just select this link to download a PDF of “The Miraculous Multiplying Pie” from the Patreon website!

(WARNING! This comic strip is intended to be satire. Please DO NOT build your faith on anything that Lloyd Servant says or does!)