The Volcano-Stomping Robot vs. The Robot-Melting Volcano!

The Volcano-Stomping Robot vs. The Robot-Melting Volcano!

This is just my experience and a part of my journey. It may not be anything like yours, but you might relate some to this or maybe understand someone you know just a little better. This is the first of three Laser Eyes Jesus comic strips in a series, and they are mostly about moving from having a religious knowing of Jesus to having a relationship knowing of Jesus. Robots are not always robots, and volcanoes are not always volcanoes!

So what do you think about this “Ultimate Showdown”? Who will win? Will Nate’s robot stomp down Lydia’s volcano before Lydia’s volcano melts down Nate’s robot? Who gets the ribbon for “Best and Most Right”?

Some people try to kill God or say that there is no God to kill. Some choose science over religion.

Some people warp God’s image into something that He is not. Some choose religion over science.

I have been at both extremes. Theist and atheist. A killer of God and a warper of God’s image. A religious fanatic and a science fanatic. A creationist and an evolutionist. Unstable in all of my ways? You bet!

What is at the root of it all, at least in my own heart?

To a child, almost anything is possible. God created a wonderful universe. Children want to learn about that creation (like volcanoes), and they want to find out what they themselves can create (like robots).

Science was my friend! Bible story heroes were my friends too! I didn’t have to choose one or the other. In my mind they coexisted just fine, and I liked it that way.

It wasn’t until I got older that things changed.

I learned that I wasn’t much of a Bible story hero. I wanted to try unheroic things. I wanted to do things that I knew Jesus would have never done. Ever.

So at first, I tried killing God, ignoring Him really. I tried to make God homeless. “Get out of my life!” Then I tried to make God unemployed. “You’re not needed in my life! Go and be God for somebody else!” Finally I made God unrecognizable at least as far as anyone looking for the image of God in me was concerned. “I don’t want to look anything like you! I don’t want to be anything like you!” This is what “How To Kill God In Three Easy Steps!” was about.

I had stomped all over the God I had known as a child and was left with a warped image of a god who seemed a lot like me, one that would let me do those unJesus things.

But it’s not so easy to just kill God like that because God does not let go of His own.

So then the Me-Burning Volcano took over, and was it ever a rigid, legalistic, all-consuming lava eruption! I was ready to burn up every evil in my life and every evil in anyone else’s life too! I had my Bible, God’s Holy Word, and “It’s clobberin’ time!” Except that only fed my desire to do more of those unJesus things.

But it was all fake and I knew it. It really didn’t matter which way I went…God-Stomping Robot or Me-Melting Volcano…I would eventually be frustrated and switch over to the other side, back and forth, back and forth.

Either way, I was doing unJesus things.

Next up…Laser Eyes Jesus #045 “Are Things More Alike Than We Realize?”

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The Ultimate Showdown!

The Ultimate Showdown!

This is probably going to be one of those posts which may not make anyone happy because I’m not going to choose sides. It is beginning to feel like “The Ultimate Showdown” of my lifetime. (And I’m not talking about a school Science Fair with models of robots and volcanoes!)

In the United States, we kind of enjoy being polarized whether we admit it or not. We like knowing who’s on our side and who’s not. On top of that, as Christians, somehow we have taken the idea that “If the world is against you, then you must be on God’s side because the world is always against God” to the extreme.

At times I think some of us actually want to be persecuted and criticized just so we can feel like we are on God’s side, and if we are on God’s side, then we must be right. There are some who actually thrive on being “the dogmatic underdogs.”

So I’m not taking sides. I am going to stubbornly insist that my love of God and my love of science can coexist. Both are too vast and great for my mind to comprehend anyway, yet my mind can delight in them both.

I’m also going to stubbornly insist that my love for all that God has created (like volcanoes) and all that mankind has created (like robots) can coexist as well.

There seem to be two extremes. Either people totally believe science textbooks and throw away God’s Word, or they rigidly believe God’s Word and throw away science.

The ancient scrolls that became our Bible were never intended to be a physics textbook, but I do believe that they were written in an inspired way to convey truth in words that would best speak to readers and hearers at that time.

Here is the simplest reason why I believe God exists. It all has to do with the power of words.

(First Reader Alert: I am not a “God-said-it-that-settles-it” kind of guy when it comes to some things in the Bible. I’m not going to give up science in order to read the Bible in a fundamentalist way. I believe my love of science and my love of God’s Word can coexist.)

Genesis One is all about creation and God repeatedly saying “Let there be…” Everything He said just simply was. To me, this is letting me know that all we see (and don’t see) was created by God’s own words. Sort of unscientific, right?

But what about words? Words are sound waves…which are…vibrations. (Remember that word.)

For the topic of creation, a Physics textbook might be all about The Big Bang and maybe even String Theory. Sort of unreligious, right?

But what about The Big Bang? It was an expansion of space accompanied by…sound waves…which are…vibrations. (There’s that word again.)

And what about the strings of String Theory, the particles that make up everything? Strings are…(You guessed it!)…vibrations.

To me, it certainly seems like both my “unscientific” Bible and my “unreligious” Physics textbook are sort of saying the same thing but just with different words. So maybe I really can have both science and God!?!

More about those robots and volcanoes when Laser Eyes Jesus returns!

(Second Reader Alert: Laser Eyes Jesus is NOT the same as Real Life Jesus. He just happens to have been born at the same time as Real Life Jesus and with a remarkable pair of laser beam eyes. Although he does make a lot of mistakes, he does care deeply about the children who visit him. By the way, those laser eye blasts are basically harmless. Seriously. No children, not even comic strip children, are ever actually harmed in the making of the comic strip.)

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