The “Wonderful-Plan-For-Your-Life” Lunch Box

The “Wonderful-Plan-For-Your-Life” Lunch Box

If any post generates a lot of “Unfollows,” it might just be this one. The “Wonderful Plan For Your Life” Lunch Box Special is not one that I would recommend. It is the first “Jesus-In-A-Box” I ever bought. I took a number of years to realize it didn’t agree with me, but perhaps not for the reasons you might think.

Just like the old “Things Go Better With Coke” advertisements, there is a tremendous promise to satisfy all of our longings…

…only if a person is not spiritually minded, it can come across as a promise to satisfy our material longings.

That is perhaps the biggest concern I have with what is titled “The Four Spiritual Laws,” a tract published by The Navigators.

So before you click “Unfollow,” I want to say that it was that same “Four Spiritual Laws” tract which a friend shared with me between my junior and senior years of high school that started me on a path of serious discipleship. In fact, during my college years I was a member of the campus chapter of The Navigators and led Bible studies.

So why am I knocking the “First Spiritual Law”?

Mostly it is because if someone is not spiritually-minded, has not been regenerated spiritually, they will hear “wonderful plan for your life” and imagine fame, fortune, material things, a happy family life, and a place in Heaven where you get to do all of your favorite things.

That is not the experience of the early Christian martyrs or modern Christian martyrs. They were and still are treated as criminals, stripped of their possessions, disowned by their families, imprisoned, and tormented. For them, choosing Jesus is choosing the possible loss of life in one of many brutal ways. I would have a difficult time telling someone living in this type of culture, “God has a wonderful plan for your life.”

You may be thinking “Well, buddy, the wonderful life that you’re knocking is really about spending eternity with Jesus in Heaven!” And although spending eternity with Jesus is a truly powerful motivator for those of us who are in Christ, I’m unsure that the average spiritually blind person will experience that same motivation when they hear “God has a wonderful plan for your life.”

I was that way. I thought a great deal about the “wonderful plan for your life” part, and not so much about the “Jesus part.” Quite honestly, when I was most preoccupied with myself, the “Jesus part” did not agree with me very well.

Whatever The Gospel is…it has to be the same for everyone and everywhere. It can not be an extension of The American Dream. It is not just about selfish me and my selfish life.

The Gospel must be about more than me and the wonderful life I imagine for myself.

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