“Just Like Out Of A Sunday School Bible Story Book”

Seriously, I still have a copy of “Child’s Bible Reader” from when I was growing up, and almost every chapter begins with Aunt Charlotte telling the children another Bible Story. The story of little Samuel always was one of my favorites because it made me imagined that maybe God would wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me something! I still love stories that make me think, “That could be me too!” Anyway, the premise for this Bible story is a lot like what was always happening with dear Aunt Charlotte!

After Flamethrower Mommy totally torched “Jesus Is Lord,” I wanted to do a little more with that, and so this is a look at “Lord” in the Old Testament. I’m interested in what this word meant back then. This is why Nate says “Adonai, the Lord” in this comic strip.

I’m wondering if “Lord” has been altered (at least in my mind) by images of medieval lords and lowly peasants which are in contrast to our American values of equality and independence. I’m also wondering if maybe “Jesus Is Lord” has lost some of its meaning because it has been used as a slogan to promote a ministry or as a litmus test to identify “True Believers” and “Fake Christians.”

I’ve tried several different approaches to presenting Bible stories graphically. For me, the challenge is to find a balance between cute and cuddly Bible story books and dynamic and action-packed Bible story graphic novels.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my best current solution which still needs a some tweaking but which is hopefully moving a little closer to having a greater focus on the essentials. (You may remember “What Alien Invaders Eat For Breakfast!” is about this type of challenge. What are the absolute essentials that we would want to pass on as simply as possible? Hmm…)  Hope you’ll check back tomorrow!