“You Have Some Serious Issues, Sweetie!”

I remember the first time I ever heard the word “issue” used in a work setting. It really stuck in my mind and gave me a bad “taste”…if that’s possible for a word to do.

I was accustomed to saying, “This is something that we will need to work on together.”

Then people changed from calling something an “issue” to calling it a “challenge” because that sounds sort of bold and daring…almost like “Star Trek” in a way.

Maybe “challenge” was too easily associated with the phrase “insurmountable challenge,” and so the new word became “opportunity.” That one word seemed to make everything optimistically better!

For me, I still like “something we need to work on together.” It takes more words, but it makes me think more about people. It’s not an “Amazing Flaw Concealer” way of handling things.

And just between you and me, Readers, I think Helena has a lot of “things we need to work on together”!