Monthly Digests

This really takes me back to being in elementary school and creating my own “real comic book” for the first time! (What made it “real” was using a ballpoint pen! Which interestingly enough was blue, not black! Hmmm!?!)

Count this as one childhood dream realized! And available to anyone anywhere in the world! Who’d a “thunk” it?!?

There are two versions, and you are welcome to download either or both. Plus even though this is being shared as “Nickel Boy Graphics,” (which is really just me) everything is FREE! That’s right folks, FREE! Not even a nickel required!

The classic “Old Newspaper” style edition uses mostly brown vintage tones. Additional post text is provided when helpful along with some vintage comic book ads here and there which may possibly (but may not necessarily) relate to the cartoon!

The full-color “Modern E-News” style edition gives everything a real comic book feel, but for some people it might be a distraction. It still includes the additional post text and vintage comic book ads which may show up better in color.

NOW READY FOR DOWNLOAD! (Just select the banner! PDF should download in a new tab!)

ARCHIVED AND READY TO DOWNLOAD!(Just select the banner! PDF should download in a new tab!)