Nickel Boy Graphics Fan Stuff!!!

If you are a fan of Nickel Boy Graphics, why not consider some of these ways to express your enthusiasm and support?!? Your support will help to keep his website advertisement free along with additional storage space. It may even help to pay a few bills. (I am currently between jobs due to a reduction in workforce.)

Select the Patreon Banner to go to the Nickel Boy Graphics page at Patreon. You’ll be able to sign up as a “Patron.” As a “Following Patron,” you willl receive email notifications of postings for you. As a “Supporting Patron,” you will receive rewards for the level of support that you select.

Select the Facebook Banner to go to the Nickel Boy Graphics Page on Facebook. Although I’m still getting accustomed toFacebook, I try to post something there every day. It’s usually a preview of what the day’s comic strip will be. Sometimes it’s just a “Here’s something you might like to know.” There will be posts that are advertisements for Nickel Boy Graphics custom-printed items through Zazzle, but his is to help keep the Nickel Boy Graphics website focused on what it’s really all about.

Select the Zazzle Banner to go to the Nickel Boy Graphics store for custom-printed items through Zazzle. Right now it’s just coffee mugs, but I’ve bought and tested these for quality of printing and was pleased! (I wouldn’t want you to have mething that I wouldn’t have myself!) Zazzle does run specials and discounts, so I’ll be glad to keep you updated on those through the Facebook Page!