“What If The Only Thing…?”

I am offering my apologies for not posting yesterday. I wasn’t quite sure what words to write, and although this was something that I had wanted to post, it didn’t quite seem right to me visually. I don’t have a pile of work just waiting to be shared. When I say “Hot Off the Press!” that’s exactly what I mean! I usually do the visual part the night before and the written part the morning of posting. This may seem odd to you, but until I get a graphic looking right, I am really not sure what words to put with it. You see, I look at the graphic and feel the whole message, and then I have to find the words to fit it last of all. Yes, that really is most likely a backwards approach! I am not sure if this will become a new graphic series or not, particularly since there are seven already! Nevertheless, I will treat it like it’s own series because the core questions are just that important.

Let’s think about these two core questions. They are ones that I’ve asked before in various ways in other posts:

What if the only thing Jesus has to give us is Himself? Would we be satisfied?

This is particularly relevant for me at this time in my life because April 3rd of this year was the last day that I reported for work and April 30th was the last day for my company benefits. This was due to an outsourcing type of transition for my department. At my age (not too many years away from retirement, but still too many years away from retirement) and with my skills, there are not as many similar jobs available, and a guy does need to pay his bills and keep his church pledge commitments!

I’m still processing all of this in my mind and heart. I’m still a little “stunned” even though we all knew that this outsourcing transition was going to occur. It’s very difficult to have worked really hard, to have been told again and again, “John, you’re the best!” only to find that there is no place anywhere else in an organization for you. It makes you doubt yourself. Yet I don’t knowingly harbor any bad feelings or resentments.

In some respects, I’m just going through the motions of taking care of what needs to be addressed, putting in my applications, and all of the other expected everyday life kinds of things. I bought some baby chicks. I’m building a chicken coop for them. This is right now my way of embracing life. Now I’m back to those questions again.

What if the only thing Jesus has to give us is Himself? Would we be satisfied?

So I’m face-to-real-life-face with those questions, and I’m truly having to look at them in possibly the most serious way ever for me. What if there is no new job? No new benefits? No new career move? How does all of this work it’s way out? Every day is like a new parable, a new opportunity to help someone who needs help more than me. (I still give a few dollars to homeless guys on the street, even though that could be me one day.) Anyway, every day is like a new parable, only I’m not reading the parable, I’m part of the parable, as are we all.

Each of us is in this parable that Jesus is telling on a cosmic scale…“There once was a man who lost his job…There once was a woman who was told she had cancer…There once were two children who were born to an addict…There once was a family whose house was destroyed by a bomb….” So how will the parable unfold? Will there be a job, a cure, a recovery, a reconstruction? And what if there are none of those things? Will we trust the Teller Of Parables no matter how the parable unfolds and ends? Will He be enough?

Who would have ever imagined that this bread of heaven, this cup of salvation would satisfy? And yet they do.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be exploring some possibilities of generating income through my work here with Nickel Boy Graphics. One HUGE question is “How can I do this so that it does not interfere with the creative process, the sharing process, and the feeling of connection that I have with my Readers?” Another HUGE question is “How do I generate income from the graphic work as an artist without becoming a character in my own comic strip, ‘The Lloyd Servant Show’?” This is uncharted territory for me! Yet I must say always and forever, success or failure, “Just Jesus Himself is enough. Just Jesus Himself fully satisfies me.”