“Flamethrower Mommy and Ghost Dad” Pulled Because Of New “Spokeschick”?!?

Happy Mother’s Day! Why not venture over to Facebook for a look at the new “Spokeschick” for Nickel Boy Graphics?!?

Facebook Page For Nickel Boy Graphics

I’m still getting accustomed to Facebook. Honestly, when I set up my profile there, I got one friend and started feeling overwhelmed! Baby steps, John, baby steps!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of you Moms who give your best each and every day!

A Post With No Graphic

Today I’m doing something completely different, something I’ve not done before with Nickel Boy Graphics here on WordPress. I’m doing a post with no graphic. Seems odd, doesn’t it since this is “Nickel Boy Graphics,” right?

Today I’m doing this because I want to draw your attention to the work of an incredible photographer and writer, Shawn. Whatever time you would normally spend looking and thinking about what I post, please use it on his posts.

Life In Detox

Today is special because Shawn is entering detox today. Please take a look at his photographs and read about his experiences. Please pray for him.

Thank you.

“Monthly Digest” January 2017

A “Monthly Digest” is now available for everything shared in January 2017 in a classic “Old Newspaper” style and a full-color “Modern E-News” style.

This allows you to view everything for the month in one PDF file and in sequential order. Use the link below to open the download page!


Wow! My own comic book! Who’d a “thunk” it?!? Definitely not me!

Monthly “Comic Digest” – January 2017

My First “Laser Eyes Jesus” Comic Strip 11-11-2016



This was the first “Laser Eyes Jesus” comic strip that I ever published on WordPress. That was on November 11, 2016. There have been a few revisions since then. (The original is on the left.)

In the beginning, I had wanted a sepia toned color palette, but I also liked 1950’s and 1960’s color palettes. I created some comic strips using each, and they had a visually “right” feeling. Unable to decide which to use, my first set of comic strips were a combination of these two: sepia for Laser Eyes Jesus in “normal mode“ and 1950’s and 60’s for ”laser eyes mode.“ This worked in a way, but it didn’t have the visually “right” feeling in the same way when combined within the same comic strip.

Since then I’ve made some modifications, and I feel much more pleased with how my comic strips look. Rather than combining two color palettes, I’m sticking with two separate ones that I’m calling “Old Newspaper” (center) and “Modern E-News” (right). These feel “just right” to me.

I must pause here and say that these are all visual thoughts and decisions, not spiritual thoughts and decisions! This is right in line with my reasoning for starting a companion page at Patreon.com.

Patreon.com allows creative people to share their work online in a community of “creators” and “patrons.” For graphic artists and comic strip artists, this is where we can show what we are working on and talk about it in visual terms.

So for spiritual thoughts and decisions, I’m sharing mostly through Wordpress.com, and for visual thoughts and decisions, I’m sharing mostly through Patreon.com. Hopefully this will feel “just right” for you.

Please watch for additional information about my Patreon.com companion page. I’m having a tough time getting it feel “just right” for you too!

So Why “Laser Eyes Jesus”?


The creative spark for “Laser Eyes Jesus”was an online video I watched that had a message about how too often we see God as angry and ready to punish anyone who got out of line with His commandments.

The message asked “Is that really what Jesus did? Was he blasting people to smithereens everywhere he went?” (I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the idea, right?)

So I got this wild image in my head of Jesus going around and blasting people with his laser-like eyes, because after all, he can see what’s in your heart, you know?

From there, the rest began to fall into place.

At first I began drawing Laser Eyes Jesus based on Classic Art, but that didn’t work quite the way that I wanted. So I tried drawings based on what you might call “Sunday School Book” art, particularly from the 1950’s and 60’s. That worked for me.

Where Classic Art always seemed to present Jesus in a realistic way based on drawings from live models, Sunday School Art presented Jesus in a “hyper-idealized”and almost “highly-medicated” way. That worked for me since I wanted to show what Jesus was not like.

Seriously, what could be more unlike Jesus than a comic strip character who “Zaps!” little children with his laser eyes?!?

but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” Luke 18:14 (NRSV)