Just Another Little Stroll Down Memory Lane!

Just Another Little Stroll Down Memory Lane!

This is just a quick snapshot summary of another one of my favorite comics, “Laura’s Essential Life Lists” which was referenced in the previous post (bottom right corner).

The main character is Laura Wilson who either already has a list about anything you could imagine or can create one for you. She is perkiness personified!

She has always claimed to be a devout Christian, however the titles for many of her lists don’t always reflect that. Her husband, Rob, does his best to keep her from getting too carried away.

Laura is a representation of many of the worst qualities I find in myself from time to time. Many of her lists are ones that I’ve made in the past…not necessarily on paper, but definitely in my mind and heart such as “People We Don’t Like, Don’t Want In Our Church, and Don’t Want To Spend Eternity With.” Yes, at one time, that was a favorite list I made in my heart, and I was really good at rationalizing reasons for adding more names to that list!

There are still a lot of very un-Christlike thoughts and attitudes still grumbling and rumbling around inside me. Getting them out in the open and looking at them for what they really are (even if in comic strip form) has helped me to see where I still need to grow in knowing Jesus.

Although Laura often represents the worst attitudes and behaviors for which Christians are often criticized, from time to time, she also shows some of the best Christlike characteristics.

This comic strip has most often been about encouraging readers to examine their minds and hearts for any areas that are not aligned with Real Life Jesus.

Thanks for reading!


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