About “Nickel Boy Graphics”

My name is John, and I’ve been interested in drawing and art most of my life. Now I finally have a medium, style, and message that fit together well enough that I feel compelled to share my work.

My medium is vector drawing presented in graphic strip format made using my iPad Mini 4 because that’s all I have, and I want to push it to its limits! (Everything With turquoise blue outlining is an original “by finger” drawing on my iPad. The other graphics are produced and then compiled using various apps.)

My style is a bit retro using source material generally from the 1950’s and 1960’s because that time period seemed to portray things in an idealized perfection that is far removed from our modern reality! (The often “Paint By Numbers” appearance really is intentional!)

My message is simply knowing and sharing Real Life Jesus and His Gospel because that is ultimately all that really matters to me.

My first comic strip, and still my most popular one too, is “Laser Eyes Jesus” where the approach used is to look at what Jesus is NOT in order to better understand what HE IS. I ask questions. I look for other possibilities. I don’t expect you to come to the same answers that I do.

So I look at myself as a graphic artist who is trying to better understand his Christian faith and share it with others through comic strips (some funny, some not so funny). You are welcome to join me on this journey! I sincerely hope that along the way you find and experience, as I have, the Transforming Love Of God!

Thank you!

John Spiers
Nickel Boy Graphics