About Me…

What You Will (And Will Not) Find Here

This is a visual and written record of my journey to knowing Real Life Jesus and God’s Transforming Love.

I am not a Bible scholar, and I don’t want to try to pass for one. I’m not trying to convince anyone to believe as I do. If you agree with me, great. If you don’t agree with me, that’s great too. It’s more important to me that you think for yourself and understand why you believe as you do.

There will be questions here, particularly “What if…?” types of questions. For me, they help me look at things in new and different ways. They also encourage other possibilities.

There are a lot of ideas from a lot of different sources rumbling around in my brain, and sometimes those ideas come out in unexpected ways.

There will also be satire here. It just sort of seems to happen.

My approach to knowing Real Life Jesus is most often to look at what He is not in order to eventually see more clearly what He truly is. You might think of this as being similar to the way a sculptor works by removing what is not part of the figure.

About My Creative Process

For those of you who are new readers here, you probably need to know that most of the time, I start with a graphic and then find words to go with it. I just write to try things out, fumble around a little even, until I find something that just might somehow point in the right direction.

Much of my source material comes from vintage photographs and illustrations from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Many are advertisements. I select these because they present the world in an idealized and Americanized way that is far removed from life as a majority of people experience it. For me, these old images point to a desperate need to find Real Life Jesus.

Any of the graphics with turquoise blue outlining are “finger drawn” on my iPad. Others without this have usually been modified through several graphic design apps.

Nickel Boy Graphics Banner