To My Readers…

I’m finding that whatever “creative well” the work here at “Nickel Boy Graphics” came from has “dried up.”

Maybe it’s that way with all things creative. You can’t go back. You can only go forward.

Maybe it’s also because at my age, I’m thinking about “What do I want to leave behind?” and “What can I do in my remaining time that brings me the most joy and just might benefit others?”

Answering those questions led me to a few dead ends and then to begin working on cartoon illustrations of my chickens. They give me the most joy. If you aren’t creating from joy, why create?

I’ve been able to post consistently for the month of August on a new site with a new profile, and I’m pleased with what I’ve been able to create. This is still a bit of a challenge to me, just taking care of myself and the chickens and then getting to work everyday is not so easy at my age!

If you would like to check out my new work, you can find it at “My Life With Gracie.” Although I love all of my chickens, Gracie is my “Best Girl Ever,” and so her name appears in the title.

While the work here has been “Biblical” and “spiritual” the work there is just very simple cartoons and simple life lessons I’ve learned (or re-learned) from my chickens. The graphics are totally different, and the writing approach is different as well. Nevertheless, I think that maybe sometimes you don’t have to write about Jesus to let Jesus show in your work. If you have a living connection to Him, it should come through in what you do, intentionally or not.

If you’d like to follow along with me there, that would be great. I’ll be adding to my “Reader” list there to see what you’ve been up to as well.

My goal is to post to “My Life With Gracie” at least every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with the last post of the week having the most detail and color as a summary of the week’s work.

I’m not sure who my target audience is, and so I hope that my work gets to “the right people” whoever they may be. If that’s not you, no hard feelings. Honest. I just hope my drawings and words, as simple as they may be, will carry a bit of my heart with them.

Here is a sample cartoon and quote you’ll find on the first post from “My Life With Gracie.”

It’s what I hope you will remember most.

Thanks everyone!

Comments are always welcome, however they may not be reviewed and approved as quickly as what I would like due to techology limitations!

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