“Jesus-In-A-Box” Is Ripping Us Off!


"Jesus-In-A-Box" Is Ripping Us Off!

Last year, I created a “Laura’s Essential Life Lists” comic strip titled “What All Of This Has Gotten Me.”

It was about how we can treat God like a vending machine and obedience like coins.

Recently I read an insightful post from one of my favorite sites about “The Marketing Of Jesus.”

This post gives several different marketing “brands” for Jesus which are designed to appeal to religious consumers.

Both of those ideas have been bumping around in my mind for a while, and prompted this series. I’m honestly not sure where this little series will go, and it may need to bump around in my mind a little more. Still, if this sparks any ideas or suggestions that you’d like to share, I’d enjoy hearing from you!

Thanks for reading!


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Because the length is growing and to minimize scrolling, I’ve moved the list of some of my favorite Content Creators to a separate page. Just select the link below.

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3 thoughts on ““Jesus-In-A-Box” Is Ripping Us Off!

  1. I think I had a great idea regarding your work and my book. What do you think about designing a cover for “Stop Calling Me a Christian” using your Real Jesus vs Laser-Eyes Jesus comic theme? Whatever you wanna do with it. Just make my name small. Haha. You can contact me a cnealhansen@yahoo.com so we can go over details. I’m really excited about working with you!

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