Killing God In Five Comic Strips

One of the challenges I’ve found has been trying to present comic strips in sequential order. They naturally post with most recent first at the top, and that works great for single topic posts. It just gets tough when there is a sequence. If you are a new or first-time reader, you won’t easily know what has led up the present comic strip. It’s not always easy to find the first in the series. This is an attempt to make that easier.

Select the thumbnail image or link to go to the comic strip where you’d like to start reading, then you can advance through the series.

We Have Finally Killed God!

Savage (Salvaged) Comics #001 “We Have Finally Killed God!” The main point of this comic strip is that some people may try to remove God from our minds and hearts and other people may try to warp God’s image in our minds and hearts. Both an atheist and a theist might agree that the latter is the worst. Maybe there are a few false ideas about God rattling around in my mind that need to be “Killed”?

The Power Of Words!

Savage (Salvaged) Comics #002 “The Power Of Words!” The main point here is words have the power to create and to destroy. It points to the irony of how the same things God used to create all we see (and don’t see) can also be used to kill God…words.

How To Kill God In Three Easy Steps!

Savage Salvaged Comics #003 “How To Kill God In Three Easy Steps!” This comic strip points out that science and religion are not necessarily enemies by looking at the work of three important scientific thinkers and how some people might try to use their work to kill God. We can kill God, but it is not done with words from science, it is done with words from man’s heart. The words in man’s heart made Jesus homeless, unemployed, and unrecognizable. The words in man’s heart killed Jesus.

The Ultimate Showdown!

Savage (Salvaged) Comics #004  “The Ultimate Showdown!” This comic post launched a sidetrip to a series of five Laser Eyes Jesus comic strips which explores faith and fear. To take that sidetrip now, here’s a post for that!

I Am In Charge Of God! I Am In Charge Of Me!

Savage (Salvaged) Comics #005  “I Am In Charge Of God! I Am In Charge Of Me!” This final comic strip in the series explores how the real tyrant in our lives can be the god we create within ourselves, My-God-Me. Only Real Life Jesus, I believe, can rescue me from the tyranny of My-God-Me.

Thanks for reading!


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