Are We All More Alike Than We Realize?

Are We All More Alike Than We Realize?

This is the second of three Laser Eyes Jesus comic strips in a series, and they are mostly about moving from having a religious knowing of Jesus towards having a relationship knowing of Jesus.

So what do you think? If you had to choose the best reason for winning a Science Fair ribbon, whose would you select?

Even though Nate and Lydia give different reasons why their Science Fair project should win, their underlying motivation is the same. They are both trying to deal with fear.

Nate’s reason behind his Volcano-Stomping Robot is that he is tired of waiting for God to do something about what he sees as the biggest problem in his life. He is afraid of what will happen if God doesn’t act. He wants God to just DO something to change what is troubling him. If God won’t act, then he will. Even though what he wants (freedom from oppression) is good and desirable, his plan involves going even so far as to removing God from his mind and his heart. Nate’s plan to handle fear is to take control himself, even if he kills God to get what he wants.

Lydia’s reason behind her Robot-Melting Volcano is also fear, but she is afraid of what will happen if God does act because then she will lose control. She has discovered that there is manipulative power in just saying that God will do something to the people and situations that she doesn’t like, so she uses God’s inaction to her advantage. She is “God’s Biggest Fan” and so God will do whatever she wants Him to do, especially to the people that she doesn’t like. Lydia’s plan to handle fear is to take control over God, even if she warps the image of God in her mind and heart. She believes that taking power over God will get what she wants for herself.

What if all of our problems and conflicts are really are just about fear?

That’s not so different from what we read in the Bible about the Garden of Eden, is it? Whether you believe it is an absolutely true account or a myth about two people who never existed, one of the many underlying themes in the story of Adam and Eve is fear.

To me, Eve was afraid that God was withholding something good and that maybe God couldn’t be trusted, and so she ate the forbidden fruit. To me, Adam was afraid that he would lose Eve, and so he followed her and ate the forbidden fruit.

I can see so many different kinds of fear in my life. Maybe you too? Fear of missing out. Fear of God not knowing best. Fear of God withholding. Fear of not getting what I want. These have motivated me to do many unJesus things and to warp the image of God to justify doing those unJesus things.

Fear has kept me from knowing Real Life Jesus. And yet knowing Real Life Jesus is the only way to conquer fear.

Next up… Laser Eyes Jesus #046 “Two More For The Museum Of Abandoned Science Fair Projects!”

Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Are We All More Alike Than We Realize?

  1. Wow, this was a great comic strip, brother! It reminded me of a John Flavel quote I just read this morning “There is not a greater discovery of pride in the world than in the contests of our wills with the will of God.”
    I use to think my greatest fear was heights until I began sharing my faith with strangers…I’d be less frightened by jumping from a plane! It’s so important to address these fears and look at the heart of them, that’s what I loved the most about this post! Keep up the good work, I’m a few posts behind but I don’t want to miss anything so I’m going to keep going through them in order. God bless!

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