Just Another Fun Little Stroll Down Memory Lane!

Just Another Fun Little Stroll Down Memory Lane!

This is just a quick snapshot summary of probably my favorite comic, “Laser Eyes Jesus” which was referenced in the previous post (bottom right corner).

“Laser Eyes Jesus” was the first comic strip I created. Originally he was intended to be all about legalistic punishment and the wrath of God, but he has actually evolved over time, much as I have through these posts.

The main character is Laser Eyes Jesus who was born around the same time as Real Life Jesus when everyone was looking for the promised Messiah. Real Life Jesus has so far been only mentioned as “that other guy on the next hill over there,” but His presence is felt in how gradually more grace flows into the life of Laser Eyes Jesus. (Eventually I plan for them to meet.)

From time to time the comic strip does “bend time” by including some modern items like pudding cups and Godzilla movies even though the setting is Roman-occupied Israel.

There is more to this character than what you would imagine. He is what I call “an unexpected hero.” To some people, the laser blasts might seem extreme, but he is just doing the best that he can to keep the comic strip’s children out of trouble, and those zaps really are harmless.

There are times when his inadequacies show, like when he believes that Godzilla is real, not a movie creation, and this is particularly disturbing to him. At times like that, it’s not that he is afraid the children will laugh at him and abandon him. Instead he worries about what will happen to them if he isn’t watching out for them.

There are five children who spend time with him every day. Lydia likes being right. Nate likes to be mischievous, and he really doesn’t care if he is right or not. Sarah is somewhat withdrawn, but when she does speak, she always has something valuable to say. Timmy is often bullied and never speaks. The Kid With No Name only says, “We love you, Laser Eyes Jesus.”

This comic strip has most often been about trying to show who Real Life Jesus IS by showing who He IS NOT, however there are times when Laser Eyes Jesus has it right! In that respect he reflects all of us as we find our way through life.

Thanks for reading!


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3 thoughts on “Just Another Fun Little Stroll Down Memory Lane!

  1. I think that when I finally finish my book, I would absolutely love for you to design the cover. I’ll pay you whatever is fair of course, and find some way to do so. I currently have no money. I just greatly admire your art style. It’s really simple and interesting at the same time. Unique and complex, but understandable. I love it.

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