Savage (Salvaged) Comics

Savage (Salvaged) Comics

To all my old friends, it’s good to be back! Thank you for your kind words and prayers! To all of my new friends, good to have you here too!

Although I did get a good deal with reinstating this expired website, the old material has been made “hidden” but only because I’m hoping for a fresh start and a fresh perspective.

Why “salvaged”? Many of the original graphics held outside of WordPress were deleted due to storage issues, so they will have to be “salvaged.” Graphics take a lot of storage space! So if you’ve followed along for a while, you’ll recognize some familiar characters, but if you’re new here, you’ll still be able to catch on quickly.

Why “savage”? That’s not such a short answer. I’m not seeing myself as an “uncivilized savage” but increasingly as an “un-Christianity-ized savage.” I don’t think I’m alone in that categorization.

I absolutely LOVE the original name for what we now call Christianity, “THE WAY.”

You can’t add “-ity” or “-ism” or “-ist” or anything else to “The Way” and still have it make any sense. That’s just like how you can’t add anything to Jesus and have Him still make sense. (Though some have tried.)

So if “savage” means “primitive and uncivilized,” then I want to be jubilantly primitive and uncivilized. I want to cast off the clothing of civilized religiosity and find Real Life Jesus.

I want to be radically and savagely in search of knowing Real Life Jesus, My Companion In The Way.

You are welcome to join me on this journey.

Thanks for reading!


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7 thoughts on “Savage (Salvaged) Comics

    1. Thanks, Martha! That really means a lot to me. You are one of many people who I’ve met through WordPress who will “just pop” into my mind unexpectedly as someone for whom to be grateful and for whom to pray a blessing.

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