“The Worst Best Headline Ever”

So now we know why the last installment of “The Lloyd Servant Show” was titled “False Requiem”! That really wasn’t for our dear Betty Mae Butler after all! What a relief!

Now that their days in court are over and the forced will and life insurance policy have been upheld by the judge, it certainly looks like Bradley Martin, “Lloyd Servant,” has it made! This is particularly true since his show can now be picked up by the local “religious” cable station IC4U-TV!

Sounds like a perfect fit doesn’t it? We’ve heard him say “Let me do your thinking for you” so why wouldn’t he join a cable station that promises “Let us do your seeing for you”?!?

Will we ever see Miss Betty Mae Butler again? Are her piemaking days over! Will things calm down now that “The Lloyd Servant Show” is moving to cable? Will Bradeena have her own specially designed set or remain in a converted broom closet? All of these questions and more to hopefully be answered soon!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

Great News! This installment of “The Lloyd Servant Show” is also on the Nickel Boy Graphics page at Patreon.com.  Even Greater News! You will also find attachments will allow you to catch up with all of Chapter 2 in either a PDF or ePub document! (The ability to share ePub documents is something new with Patreon and not offered with WordPress!) This is really exciting for me because with ePub documents, you can have a genuine real comic book feel with pages that can be turned!

Comments are always welcome, however they may not be reviewed and approved as quickly as what I would like due to techology limitations!

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