“A Really Nice Chemistry Set Might Even Create World Peace Too!”

Caleb Joseph and his desire for a chemistry set really has me a little confounded. Often he is the one who has something meaningful to say that would meet with the approval of Jesus, at least when he’s given a chance! He is the one who tries his best to follow Jesus regardless of the mixed messages and toxic statements he hears. Yet what he is seeking is no different from any other boy his age, and he’s trying to convince his mother that a chemistry set would be good for her too! It seems to be the “one gift that’s perfect for anyone in any situation”!

But the “situation” for Caleb Joseph is about teaching himself. The “situation” for his Flamethrower Mommy is more about teaching others a lesson. (Plus she really doesn’t want anyone to know what her heart is seeking! That’s a big clue there that she is seeking out side of God’s will for her life)

Obscured by all of this silliness is a really valid question: “Why would anyone bother to ask me what I’m seeking if they can’t do anything to help me find it?”

When Jesus asked “What are you seeking?” (John 1:35-42), He had an answer before He even asked His question. He knew what their question would be. He knew that it would lead them into a deeper relationship with God.

They didn’t answer “We’d like to know how to catch more fish,” although Jesus definitely knew how to make that happen and demonstrated it twice (Luke 5:1-11 and John 21:1-14). The first time helped convince Peter, James, and John to become His disciples. The second helped convince all of the disciples that Jesus was on the shore there with them. Hmm…so maybe whether you’re not a disciple yet or already a disciple, Jesus is asking questions and giving answers?

While I can’t really guarantee Jesus will help you find whatever you are seeking, I have a very strong feeling that if whatever you are seeking has left you angry, bitter, alienated from others and looking for something better, there is an answer from Jesus very much like “Come and you will see” (John 1:39).

4 thoughts on ““A Really Nice Chemistry Set Might Even Create World Peace Too!”

  1. I would say I have all my life been seeking perfect love – for me. Lol Totally self-centered. No better than wanting someone’s head to explode.

    I don’t seek that from humans anymore. I have recently found it in God.

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