“My Shield And My Reward, My Lord” or “IX-NAY On The OMANS-RAY”

This post is a result of another of my non-traditions Bible Study methods called “The Snow Globe Method.” With this method, you just need to have a lot of different Bible verses and hymn choruses and sermon notes and things your grandma told you all floating around in your mind. Get as many as you can in there! 

Then you shake them all up, wait for them to settle, and whatever is on the top, that’s what you use! The key for this to be successful is to have a lots of materials, just like how a real snow globe is more interesting if you have (1) Big Chunky Sequin Shapes and (2) Sparkly Glitter along with (3) Plenty Of Plain White Snowflakes.

So let’s see what’s in there!

Big Chunky Sequin Shapes…That’s the part about Father Abraham And The Lord’s Covenant Promise With Him. (Genesis 15)

  • The first time God told anyone “Fear not.”
  • The first time anyone called God “Adonai, Lord.”
  • The first time God shows up and makes a Promise Covenant representing both Himself and Humankind.

Sparkly Glitter…That’s the part about Our Boy Samuel Hearing From The Lord. (1 Samuel 3)

  • The first time God spoke and appeared to anyone in a really long time.
  • The first time we ever get a look at what it means to have the heart of a servant in a child.

Plenty Of Plain White Snowflakes…That’s the part about Jesus Calming The Storm. (Matthew 8; Mark 4; Luke 8)

  • A real life example of how fear of any kind can prevent us from seeing who Jesus really is, Our Lord.

7 thoughts on ““My Shield And My Reward, My Lord” or “IX-NAY On The OMANS-RAY”

  1. I certainly appreciate the Bible stories many grew up with. I don’t believe there is a correlation between sound doctrine and having Bible knowledge provided to you throughout your childhood. Here is why, if this were true, Jesus would not have had to tell many teachers of the law who were definitely provided this information their whole life that they were not living and teaching correctly.

    Hearing about something your whole life might make you more familiar with a story, but it does not mean you understand better. Some people gain understanding quicker than others, and some people will never understand no matter how much they are exposed to it.

    This doesn’t mean i don’t believe it is important to provide this information, only that it doesn’t mean you are correctly following doctrine because of earlier and greater exposure.

    Thank you for the post and making me think about this topic and that specific piece which was sort of unrelated.

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    1. As an example of how important it can be to know the Bible stories, preachers of the “prosperity gospel” view the Abrahamic Covenant as a means to material entitlement. (It sort of goes like this…God promised material prosperity to Abraham, we are children of Abraham by faith in Jesus Christ, therefore we are heirs of the same material wealth.) I heard this and went along with it myself for a good number of years based on what I was told, rather than what I finally read for myself and let God Himself speak to me. This isn’t going to prevent someone from changing Bible stories to meet their own needs and mislead others, but it does help. I’m concerned that people don’t check things out for themselves. (You might notice too that in these graphics give the entire chapter for reference rather than just the verse or verses. My own misadventures with the prosperity gospel teachings are one reason why quite a few of my posts will include something about God giving us Himself rather than giving us things. I will review the wording of my post though to see if there may be better words to clarify my intentions in that area. Thanks!

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  2. I agree that your example is certainly one that shows flawed and possibly wholly false teachings. I have not grown up with the Bible stories you have, but I recognize it as false and wrong.

    I believe Bible stories meant to help people understand the word of God is incredibly important, just as I believe your expression of these teachings through your Comics are as well.

    My comments weren’t meant to point out an error in the importance of Bible Study of all forms. I just wanted to point out that growing up with those stories, being familiar with them, even knowing all of the Bible in memory does not equate to understanding.

    Jesus spoke of the seed that falls on the path, the rocks, the thorns, and good soil. This speaks to your message. But what if someone is in soil without the correct nutrients and grows into an adult plant before those nutrients are provided to it? If they are given understanding as an adult instead of growing up with every opportunity to understand, are they not in the same spot once both have understanding?

    The important ingredient is understanding, is it not? This is what you help me with finding, and what I hope to help others with finding. We find the correct understanding together, as new and long time Christians.

    Strong roots come from the consuming the right nutrients in the right environment, not just being in the location of those nutrients. Jesus said the seed on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it.

    Again, I appreciate the conversation. Your post did it’s job.

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  3. The story of Jesus calming the storm has meant a lot to me lately. I mean, who wouldn’t be afraid if they were in a small boat in a huge storm? Yet Jesus expects us not to be afraid even in times of incredible danger. He was not afraid because he trusted God, not so much to save them, but trusted God no matter what happened.

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    1. Yes, I’ve missed you here at WordPress lately, but I know there have been health concerns with you mother. I will continue to pray that Jesus will help to calm the storms for you and your family. Thanks, Belle!


      1. Thank you. Yes, My mother wants her position in bed to be changed often, from every 15 minutes to an hour and a half. All night too. I sometimes feel exhausted, but it is so true God’s grace is sufficient. Today is the first day since she came home that she seems really relaxed and she is sleeping for hours at a time. I’m so happy for her.

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