“Three More Simple Words…My Whole Lifetime”

This is a follow up to yesterday’s sketch. It didn’t seem quite right to abandon, so to speak, the homeless waitress spending the night with her boyfriend on the beach. She represents so many of the people we meet everyday who have lives that we don’t fully know.

Her grandmother today hopefully reminds us that we never know what effect our words may have on Our Father’s prodigal sons and daughters. Each of us can help to point the way even if we don’t see the results.

She also puts the three simple words “Jesus Is Lord” into greater perspective with three more simple words “your whole lifetime.” At least that’s what my life is teaching me, and it may be just about the most important thing I have to share all week.

It is taking my whole life to realize Jesus is Lord. I’m not sure if it’s just my own stubbornness and selfishness or if that’s just really the way it goes for most people. At times, it seems quite impossible for me to live out, really live out, these three simple words, Jesus is Lord. Other times, when everything seems to fall into its proper place, there is nothing more filled with sublime joy.

One afterthought for what it’s worth…There is a difference between “my whole lifetime” and “my whole life.” I chose “lifetime” because that’s probably closest to what I’m feeling for these two sketches (and for myself). Sometimes it takes “your whole lifetime” of searching down disappointing and dangerous wrong paths to get to a place where you are able and eager to give “your whole life.”

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