“The BIG Five!”

Part of this “REBOOT” has been to examine the questions that I’ve been using, and it occurred to me that it just really might be a good idea to take a look at the questions that Jesus asked. (I know, brilliant, right?!?) As a result, I’ve put together five questions that I want to use to guide what I present here. These are similar to goals in that respect.

And who is better than Laura Wilson to present a list of questions?!? (Hopefully you realize there’s a touch of satire here in the suggestion that Laura’s Summertime Fruit Salad” is more important than her Bible Study List! So 1950’s, right?!?)

I can’t really say that these are “The Best” of all the questions Jesus asked, just that they are the ones that resonate most with me. My encouragement to you is to seriously try making your own list, even if Bible study is not one of your favorite things. You will have your own “The Best” which may even change over time.

Here’s maybe the easiest Bible studies that you’ll ever do! Just pick one of the gospels. Look for question marks. (You don’t even need to read the words yet! Just look for the question marks!) Read the question. If Jesus is asking it, you’ve got one! You don’t even need to know the context most of the time. The questions are that good.

Yes, that’s a lot like “cheating” on Bible study, but seriously it’s not a bad way to get started, particularly if it’s something that you don’t particularly like to do or even dread doing. I’m almost positively sure you’ll find a question that speaks to you in a deep and personal way, and then you’ll want to read more rather than feeling like you have to read more.

My personal favorite right now that I’ve been thinking about off and on throughout the day is the last one: “Do you understand what I have done for you?” John 13:1-17 is the context, but the actual question occurs in verse 12. This question can touch all people in all situations anywhere in the world. That is a truly BIG question!

Finally, as a quick follow up to yesterday’s post, you know I’m thinking through Laura’s comic strip. You may notice some subtle differences today that I’m trying out. Yesterday I read two different posts from two different authors here at WordPress that made me think. Really think. They really helped give me some additional direction.

The posts were about women and Bible study. These made me think how ridiculous it would be for Laura to present a wonderful Bible-based list, then urge others to make their own list, but to FIRST send off for her exciting recipe. Like making an “Exciting Summertime Fruit Salad” is more important and more appropriate for a woman than studying the Bible! (If you’re thinking “That is so 1950’s, I think you’re right!”)

Anyway, here are the two posts, and I highly recommend both sites!

Theology Is For Girls” from “Christians In Motion” (So get moving! There are some great videos there too!)

Beth Moore Is Not The Boogeyman” from “Meeting God In The Margin” (This is a great blog title too. You’ll need to go there to find out why!)

8 thoughts on ““The BIG Five!”

    1. You know, I believe it will! But seriously, your post and the other one that I mentioned really did speak to me (like a frying pan on the top of my head) and were just too coincidental to ignore after saying how I was unsure what to do with Laura. You helped me find another piece to the puzzle!


      1. That’s a great question! The short answer is that it really bothers me when anyone is not challenged to be all that they can be (your post) or criticized for striving to be all that they can be (the other post mentioned). A good deal of that probably comes from having taught in an inner city school system for a good number of years (where many students felt “that’s beyond me” and so much seemed to be geared towards holding them back). Hope that makes sense? And honestly, I think Jesus would agree with me on being concerned about this kind of thing too.

        I hope this doesn’t sound too “way out there” or like I’m a “grumpy old man,” but seriously…I would discourage any young woman from depending on any young man for financial leadership these days. And if she can’t depend on him for financial leadership, how can she expect him to provide spiritual leadership? (Hope that doesn’t sound too negative.)


      2. No, not at all. Don’t get me wrong, I know many pastors (who are men) who have been amazing leaders and have mentored me and helped my spiritual growth in tremendous ways. I believe that we, as believers, CAN and DO help one another in that way. That being said, there does come a point where you have to take some responsibility for your own spiritual health and you cannot depend any another person to keep you spiritually well, if that makes sense.

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  1. I had never considered doing this exercise…looking for questions from Christ. What a beautiful notion! That would be an awesome study.

    And thank you! Thank you for the mention. You made me smile.

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