“First Things First”

Before anything else, I guess I should give a deep and sincere “Thank You” to all of my readers who have been waiting patiently for the list titled “How To Get A Dinosaur Off Of Your Grandma’s Sofa.” So “Thank You!” and be assured, I will not rest until there are no dinosaurs on any sofas anywhere in these United States!

Still, I do want to say that I think Rob is really on to something here.

I had planned to include something in this post about my own “Grandma’s Jesus” as that seemed like a logical way to end this series. That has proved to be almost as difficult as the “Dinosaur and Sofa” list.

One of the things I know is that my grandmother grew up in a very different time. She cooked the best butter beans ever and her fried cornbread was almost perfection. But my grandmother never really found her voice.

I think she tried to make up for this towards the end of her life. She bought several very large Bibles from door-to-door salesmen. They were big and heavy and not for everyday reading. I think that more than anything she wanted the words of forgiveness to be as big in her life as they were on those pages.

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Luke 8:17 (KJV)

I’ve know people who have lived in fear and condemnation because of secrets. They never found their voice for the wrongs they committed (actual or perceived) or the wrongs done to them. They have lived their whole lives covering up secrets, yet a secret only has power so long as it is hidden.

“Finding Your Voice” is the topic of the next “Voices From The Last Pew.” The story presented is different from my grandmother’s, but it’s like so many stories involving secrets that seem to be retold with each new generation. Hopefully it will help keep the next generation of grandchildren from ever saying, “My grandmother never really found her voice.” (And yes, that does go for grandfathers too! I have my grandfather’s Gospel of John as well. It is pocket-sized and worn.) 

2 thoughts on ““First Things First”

  1. I always knew my Grandmother (mother’s side) was religious. I wish I could remember what exactly she said about Jesus. All I do remember was her love and kindness to me. I loved her as much as I loved my mom.

    She was one of the people God used to bring me to Jesus. She gave me a Christian book after I had my first daughter. That book brought me to my knees to God.

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