“The ‘My Grandma’s Jesus’ Zone” (Dialogue Revealed)

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post, so just to “set the stage” a bit…

This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call The ‘My Grandma’s Jesus’ Zone. The place is here. The time is now. And the journey into the shadows we’re about to watch could be our journey.

Panel One, Upper Left: This is Chuck Abbott, American entrepreneur and coffee drinker. He enjoys musing about days gone by and comparing everything to a business deal. For him, Jesus left and never came back. Jesus had been a salesman, perhaps the greatest salesman ever, standing at the “Deliveries Only” door and knocking, always knocking. But Americans treated Him like a customer and wanted to sell Him something instead.

Panel Two, Upper Right: The scene fades to a nearby beach and two young lovers, Kent and his best girl. They are engrossed in each other, as we would expect. For them, Jesus is like Santa Claus. She may as well say, “Oh, Kent! What would Santa say? Surely he wouldn’t approve!” To which he would similarly reply, “Does Santa kiss you like this?” Funny, we only learn Kent’s name, but then again…

Panel Three, Lower Left: Kent’s best girl is suddenly swept up by the tentacled arm of an invading alien from outer space before we even learn her name. Where’s Kent? Has he been crushed into the sand like a stale cigarette? Who knows? My guess is that he’s gone off to find his second best girl because this one is doomed while she bemoans her fate and wonders why Jesus wasn’t around to protect her. For Kent, Jesus is a good luck charm to attract what he wants. For Kent’s best girl, Jesus is a security guard to keep away what she didn’t want. For the space aliens, Jesus was just another “puny earthling” they ate for breakfast.

Panel Four, Lower Right: In a darkened room, somewhere distant from the mayhem caused by the invading aliens, a mysterious operative discusses plans with an unidentified individual. For them, the circumstances are simply something to be exploited to better their financial situation. Disasters drive people to finally answer the knock of Jesus on the “Deliveries Only” door of their hearts. These two want to make their version of Jesus the one that people are buying.

(Insert commercial for Dazzling Delight Dish Detergent here.)

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, the dialogue used actually told me more about my perceptions of how the world views Jesus than I expected. So how would I answer the question “What do you believe your neighbor thinks about Jesus?” Accurate or not, I probably see most people as holding to some form of Deism where Jesus is real, but remote. He put all of this salvation stuff in place, but now He’s just sitting back and waiting to see how it all turns out. Even if there are invading space aliens, He’s not going to get involved with us, so why should we get involved with Him? This may best be summarized by “Believing isn’t worshipping.” (Hopefully this would go without saying, but just to make sure you understand…I’m not saying that’s how people are, just how I might perceive them to be, and I probably don’t see people as well as I should.)

For me, understanding all of this is important because it showed me some ideas which I may unknowingly carry into a conversation about Real Life Jesus. Those preconceived notions may make it difficult for me to truly listen.

Do you remember this “What if…?” What if I assumed everyone already had a relationship with Jesus? So maybe it’s a one-way relationship and Jesus is the only one actively involved, but it’s still a relationship. What if my goal should not be to start that relationship but instead to help that relationship along? 

Well, here’s another “What if…?” to go with it. What if since everyone already has a relationship with Jesus (whether they realized it or not), I try first to learn what Jesus has already revealed of Himself to them before I try to share what Jesus has revealed of Himself to me? I’m betting I’ll learn something that will help build a connection.

(Scroll closing credits.)

16 thoughts on ““The ‘My Grandma’s Jesus’ Zone” (Dialogue Revealed)

  1. I like the idea of assuming everyone has a relationship with Jesus and getting to know how much of that relationship they have discovered. It opens up a lot of possibilities for understanding and relationship building between believers and between believer and non-believer.

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    1. Thank, I really appreciate that. I wasn’t sure what others would think about this idea. In the past, I have been very rigid in my thinking, but for me, it did not produce anything positive that I could see for God’s Kingdom. I guess another way to say it would be “I don’t want to treat other people like they are polytheistic cannibals on a remote island somewhere far away.” There the question, “Have you heard about Jesus?” might work, but not here in the United States (or at least the part where I live). Thanks again!

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      1. This is a really good question! The initial response is one of cautious alarm, like you are trying to sell them on a version of Jesus other than the one that they grew up with. (For example, they may think you are a Jehovah’s Witness or a Mormon or even a follower of Christian TV. ) People will admit that they may not completely follow Jesus as they were brought up to believe in Him, but they don’t want their views to be changed drastically, even if it means missing out on having a real relationship with Jesus. (It’s sort of like it has to be “their own idea” if that makes any sense, and not “my idea for you.” In my last job, I was a supervisor, and one of the problems I had to deal with was how some employees made others feel like they were completely wrong about Jesus and that only their “My Jesus” was “The Right Jesus.” It brought some people to tears others to anger. Unless we first show respect for another person’s beliefs about Jesus (not necessarily agreement), we can quickly find any further conversation blocked.

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      2. Thanks, i thought that was the case but i wanted to get your experience with it. My first impression is exactly what you stated, jehovas witness and mormon. I don’t like being approached in parks, but I want to work toward being able and comfortable to kindly respond to them. I may not agree with their practices, but at least we have a common interest, Jesus.

        Many Televangelist and Evangelist leaders have drew people in to Jesus for the wrong reasons. If one follows Jesus for political reasons or personal gain, it won’t be something easily changed. Hopefully we can help a few of them find the real Jesus through study and continued conversation.

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      3. I should also add that I really like the diagram that you’ve shared and have been explaining. Partly because I’m a very visual thinker! But more because it makes people much easier to understand. I can tell a great deal of time and thought went into that!

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      4. People are very complicated, there are many spectrums, but i think those are the main ones. I intended to provide an age representation at some point, but i don’t think it would’ve added much value.

        I think we are both working towards similar goals, to learn while also bringing others closer to Jesus. Thanks for the post and conversation!

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      5. It’s so interesting that you would mention “age representation” because I almost included something about that in my last comment to you! But left it out because I didn’t think it would add much value either! How cool is that?!?

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  2. I love your, “What ifs….” I’ve noticed, at every job I’ve had that at break time the subject of God comes up at least once. I’ve been happily surprised that everyone in the room had their various beliefs. Everyone had given God a lot of thought. Remember the verse that says Jesus was the true light that lightens every man?

    It is a lovely thing to look on every person as one God has been working on since they were born. I love that!

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  3. Good perspective. Guess we shouldn’t always storm into a discussion without all the facts. It’s a good way to come to the Jesus I know, first asking what others know. Might save me from encouraging an attribute that they have already written off.

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