“The ‘My Grandma’s Jesus’ Zone” (Dialogue Hidden)

Just as a refresher, with this whole concept of “Not My Grandma’s Jesus,” I cycled through some of the Nickel Boy Graphics characters and imagined how they would react to it. These aren’t arranged in any special order other than what I thought would look good visually. These are just a few of the ideas to come to mind.

As I was thinking about these for today’s post, it occurred to me that they almost made a storyboard for a movie or television show like maybe “The Twilight Zone.” This was partly because of how the individual dialog balloons seemed to go together and also because the swimsuit in Panel 2 (upper right) looks a lot like the swimsuit in Panel 3 (lower left).

So I used a black and white type of filter on them and took away the dialog in the balloons because I thought you might enjoy imagining your own movie or television episode titled “The ‘My Grandma’s Jesus’ Zone” or something similar. So that’s why they are empty today! (Not that I got lazy and couldn’t think of anything!)

Just to “set the stage”a bit…If you are familiar with this old show created by Rod Sterling, you’ll recall it frequently imagined “a world gone mad” where you learned to expect the unexpected.

Each episode in a season had a standard opening narration. This is the one used for Season 1.

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

There was then a unique introduction to set up the story to follow. This is the one used for Episode 1 of Season 1.

The place is here. The time is now. And the journey into the shadows we’re about to watch could be our journey.

So what do you think? If you were to write an episode, not necessarily based on anything scriptural (seriously, invading space aliens) or with a happy ending (seriously, a hoard of evil invading space aliens), how would that go? The only real “rule”is that each of the four panels must include “My Grandma’s Jesus” or “Your Grandma’s Jesus” at least once. Inserting “Not” is okay too. Here is a link to download a single page PDF to doodle on and print. (The background is white to save ink and toner.)

Tomorrow I will share my version of this storyboard’s dialogue, and you can compare it with your own. (Oh, WOW! A two-part episode! “Tune in tomorrow!“) You may find that your first impressions are very self-revealing, at least I did for myself. 

The dialogue that I used actually told me more about my perception of how the world views Jesus than I expected. For me, that’s important because it showed me some of my preconceptions about people which I may unknowingly carry into a conversation about Real Life Jesus. Those preconceived notions may make it difficult for me to truly listen. In other words, I think it’s quite possible if we assume that the majority of the people we come in contact with view Jesus a certain way, then that is going to shape our interactions with them regardless of what they might say to us. That will then be a barrier to making a connection with that person.

Until tomorrow! And HEY! Don’t get trapped in either “The My Grandma’s Jesus Zone” or “The Not My Grandma’s Jesus Zone”! Make sure you’re in “The Real Life Jesus Zone.”

6 thoughts on ““The ‘My Grandma’s Jesus’ Zone” (Dialogue Hidden)

  1. Rob: Laura has a great desire for love. See, she tries to find it in men.

    Laura: “My grandma’s Jesus doesn’t fulfill me. Will you fill me up please?

    Man: You bet I will. I will make all your dreams come true.”

    Laura: “This isn’t a dream! It’s a nightmare!”

    Alien: “Did you think you were Cinderella?”

    2nd Alien: “This is what happens when you trust in man to fulfill you.”

    Man: “Don’t you think Laura is a slut? Look how she goes after men. She’s disgusting.”

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