“Laura’s Other Bible-y Stuff List!”

Aside from the dinosaur looming in the background, what do you think of Laura’s list of “Inward Attitudes That Please God”? (These go with her previous list which seemed to be more about “Outward Behaviors That Please God.”)

Would you say these are things only God can see and judge because they are coming from a person’s heart? Do you think these are things that can’t be faked? Or none of these can be faked before God? It may help to see these together. (I do want to say that I’ve added “Him” to the inner attitudes for today’s comic strip, and like this much better. I’ve done this for both below and will update the previous comic strip as well!)

Outward Behavior That Please God

  1. My Praise and Thanksgiving To Him
  2. My Speaking The Gospel About Him
  3. My Walk With Him

Inward Attitudes That Please God

  1. My Faith In Him
  2. My Awe Of Him
  3. My Humility Towards Him

I do think that there are times of self-examination when it is important to make a differentiation. For example, “Was my lack of praise and thanksgiving during worship due to thinking about the luncheon afterwards or because I am lacking faith that God will provide for my current need?”

Jesus spoke about what was inside a person. (Matthew 15:18-20, Mark 7:21-23) I like how this next verse connects the inner attitudes with the outer behaviors. Perhaps that is the real purpose of making any distinction at all.

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’” John 7:38 (NASB)

To amplify this (or perhaps “dynamify” in case anyone had called dibs on “amplified”) but hopefully without changing the meaning…“He who believes in Me, has faith in Me, stands in awe and humility before Me, as the Scriptures said, ‘From his innermost being, the place where those attitudes reside, will flow rivers of living water filled with praise and thanksgiving, speaking the Gospel, and a pleasing walk before God.’”

I imagine these two parts, inward attitudes and outward behaviors) being just as instantaneous as when Moses struck the rock in the Wilderness and water gushed forth. I believe what Jesus wants from us is for our inner attitudes to be so intuned with His that we can only ever pour out actions that are like His.

Because of that, I also imagine my life when there will be no time to worry about man-devouring prehistoric monsters, remnants of a life without Christ. They will just be fossils buried underfoot and forgotten. Until then, I will still be examining my attitudes and behaviors with the help of the Holy Spirit.

10 thoughts on ““Laura’s Other Bible-y Stuff List!”

    1. Yes, I agree. Even if one escapes Hell, one still must meet Jesus fact to face. I don’t want to be ashamed of putting off or avoiding the next steps He had planned for me. “I could have, but I chose not to” are just not words that I want to be thinking or saying. Thanks, Dave.

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  1. I remember Moses couldn’t go into the promised land because he lost his temper and struck a rock instead of speaking to the rock.

    This was close to the time he died. I don’t think there will be a time when our thoughts, feelings and actions will mesh perfectly. Perhaps some people will become that mature in Christ, though. Maybe they won’t realize it when that happens.

    Paul said he had not reached perfection, but it was his goal. It should be our goal too, I guess, knowing it is only Jesus who changes us and does everything for us.

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    1. Exactly! Moses did it correctly the first time at Mt. Sinai as a symbol of our Rock of Salvation, as I’ve heard it, but he didn’t follow God’s directions the second time. I think the point there is maybe we are to move strep by step, concentrating on just the task at hand…sort of like “Let me do this one next step thing for God as well as I can and not worry about having everything in my life absolutely perfect.” Just as you said, that’s where our reliance on Jesus is so important! He is the one who directs, coaches, and creates those changes in us!

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