The Scoop From The Coop!

Hi, everyone! Chicken duties, job searchs, and a pile of other things have been consuming a great deal of time lately when what I would really prefer to do is just focus on comic strips! But that’s the way it goes sometimes, I guess!

Not wanting to stretch my neck out too far…but I have been reviewing some stats and things and am prayerfully considering how to best use my time and resources here in order to share God’s Transforming Love.

I really do like the routine of posting something new daily, even though it gets to be a real challenge at times when life things get in the way. Posting daily forces me to be creative and to focus on what God is saying to me every day. So I want to continue that. But where should my focus be? Am I using my time for things that few people read? What can I cut back on or eliminate to better serve my readers?

So with all of that said, there should be new comic strip posts again on Monday! And they may have a new perspective as well! We will just have to see!

Oh, and “Grumpy Chicken”…probably not going to happen. Shhh!

Thanks everyone!

10 thoughts on “The Scoop From The Coop!

  1. I don’t know why, but chickens make me laugh. A grumpy one would be funny. I like why you try to post every day – to focus on what God is saying to you. But don’t feel pressured. Just jot down some notes and write later.

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  2. I once tried posting every day – but when writer’s block set in, it took a year for me to find my footing again. It can be hard to strike the right balance.

    My old town was famous for it’s chickens. Back in the depression era, it was a speck of a town in the middle of nowhere. They decided that they only thing they had going for them was their chickens. So they put out this advertisement: “Free chickens for new residents who move to our city!” Needless to say, the idea worked. Because everyone had chickens, and all those chickens had eggs, at one time they were the largest egg producers in the state – and in the midst of the Great Depression, they could all eat a little easier even though it was just eggs. Pretty much every house had chicken coops though most residents no longer actually kept the chickens. As it turns out, a company from another state sent in a batch of diseased chickens that wiped out the entire flock (as well as the life savings of everyone who put everything into the business to get it up and going.). Still, can you imagine an entire town where everybody had chickens?

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    1. I absolutely love that story! A town where everybody had chickens! That is just so great! My favorite right now are my Buff Orpingtons. They have the nicest temperament. They are actually quite relaxing to watch. Thanks for sharing that with me. I’ll be imagining that town and free chickens today!


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