“Laura’s Bible-y Stuff List Challenge!”

Maybe you’d like to take Laura’s challenge?!? So what do you think? Is it a good idea to separate the “Outward Behaviors That Please God” from the “Inward Attitudes That Please God”? Hmm…And what about that whole “Can Be Faked” and “Can’t Be Faked”?!? Hmm…Definitely something to consider…as is this Mysterious Time Warp Machine!!!

More next time! (This is a little short today partly because I don’t want to give away too much of Laura’s Second List just yet, and I’ve got to finish up some chicken coop building! And prepare for a job interview! Thanks everyone!

9 thoughts on ““Laura’s Bible-y Stuff List Challenge!”

  1. A deep subject. Outward acts can be fake. But is it being fake to obey God even when you don’t feel like it? I remember Corrie ten Boom saying she didn’t want to shake the hand of a former prison guard, but she did, and then the forgiveness filled her heart.

    Some Christians say, “Fake it til you make it.” Is that a good thing to do? I do remember having hatred in my heart after the towers came down. It took a year of me praying to forgive and love.

    Inward attitudes. If I do something good in order for others to see it and think I’m wonderful, that is wrong. If I’m full of pride in good works, that is wrong too. Inward attitudes, I think, are more important than what we do.

    May God bless you at your job interview!

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