“The Miraculous Multiplying Pie” vs. “Spiritual Food”

Today’s post graphic is what I’m calling “A Classic Moment.” It’s basically a look back at something previously posted, but perhaps with a new perspective.

One of the big differences between “The Lloyd Servant Show” and the other comic strips is that I’ve tried to make it a “stand alone” comic strip without any Christ-centered commentary. Part of that is because you’ll probably read it and say to yourself, “These people are seriously messed up!” (So there is no commentary necessary!) Part of that is because some people just don’t want to read a lot of “Be a good Christian” material. Some people even find “Bible-y Stuff” to be…boring. (Gulp!) I do understand that. I really do.

But there’s a lot of “Bible-y Stuff” hidden away in this comic series, and it’s there if you want to find it. And if not, that’s okay too.

It’s probably easy to spot that “The Miraculous Multiplying Pie” is a scam. Buy a pie for a few dollars, slice it into pieces. Sell each piece for $1000 and claim that another piece of pie miraculously appearing it’s place…and that eating can bring a miracle into your life. Pies are cheap. Nobody needs to know you’re getting them from the grocery store just lie to everybody about everything! If just a few people are gullible enough to believe you, well…

It’s probably easy to see that it’s a copy of “The Miracle Of The Loaves And Fishes” which is a miracle of Jesus that is recorded in each of the four Gospels. That makes it immensely important, I think.

Perhaps that is why I have heard and read different explanations to pass off “The Miracle Of The Loaves And Fishes” as a stunt and a scam. Maybe you have as well?

So let’s go down that road.

What if when the little boy gave all that he had to Jesus, the people were ashamed and brought out what they had been selfishly hiding for themselves? (“The Lesson In Giving Theory”) What if Jesus had it all worked out ahead of time with plenty of bread and fish kept out of sight until the right moment? (“The Magic Act Theory”) What if the Gospel speakers and writers decided to tell this as a symbolic story, not that it really happened, just what it meant? (“The Creative License Theory”)

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I ask a lot of “what if” questions, so I can’t fault anyone else for doing the same with this miracle recorded in the Gospels.

So here is a “what if” question…What if I said that I accepted all of those doubters questions as being valid, that Jesus really didn’t perform that miracle? What if I said that I agree it was just a story made up for some reason later on? People started telling it, it caught on, and when it was time to write down the story of Jesus, well, it just made the story that much better.

(I want to point out that this “what if” question of mine is similar to the classic Perry Mason question, “What if I told you…?” which always led to a confession of the truth! I also want to point out that I can’t accept that Jesus tricked and scammed people with the loaves and fishes. That is contrary to His character. But people could “potentially maybe possibly but I still doubt it” create a story with symbolic meaning later.)

Here’s my next thought…

Which will more easily fool people: feeding with miraculous multiplying food or feeding with spiritual food?

To me (and to the main character “Lloyd Servant, Your Servant Of The Lloyd”), the answer has to be “fool people with miraculous multiplying food…like barley loaves and fish…or apple pie.”

You simply cannot fool people with spiritual food, at least not for any period of time. It is possible to make people think that they have received spiritual food with the right music and theatrics which can encourage a type of emotional response mistaken for a spiritual response. But that’s sort of like “spiritual junk food.” (I’ve experienced that. Maybe you have too?)

And if you know Jesus, you know He feeds you with real spiritual food whenever you hunger and thirst and ask and seek. This may be through reading His Word, prayer and meditation, Christian fellowship, and of course, the bread and the cup.

As part of the Eucharist (Communion), we say, “You have fed us with spiritual food.” That is real. It can’t be faked, not when you know it and experience it for yourself.

Then we say, “Send us out into the world…to love and serve You.” That is truly putting the real spiritual food to the test, wouldn’t you agree? That is real. It can’t be faked, not when the world knows it and experiences it for themselves. (And the world is watching.)

What God does in us with His Spiritual Food and then what we in turn do in the world as a result are perhaps the greatest continuing miracle!

Here is a PDF of “The Miraculous Multiplying Pie!” as single pages in the “Old Newspaper Edition” style, just like the regular “Monthly Digests.” (I also may just stick with the “Old Newspaper Edition” for this one. I think you’ll find that it really has a kind of nice “film noir” look, particularly near the end!)

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