“Voices From The Last Pew” Update

This is a “trigger warning” concerning tomorrow’s post for “Voices From The Last Pew.”

It will be titled “God’s Transforming Love” and will touch on some of my experiences with churches and the time when I really said to myself, “This is the last pew I will ever sit in.”

Maybe you were bullied by “the church kids” when you were growing up. Maybe you feel like you have to stop being who you are or hide who you are in order to “fit in” when it comes to church. Maybe you have felt different, unwelcome, and rejected in church. Maybe you can’t really identify anything in particular, but you just feel like a “Church Outsider” for some unknown reason. Those things are what I want to begin looking at in the next “Voices From The Last Pew.”

I know that some of you are dealing with or recovering from some form of abuse or discrimination that involved people in church leadership positions or occurred in a church setting. So even though that’s not what this post will be about, for some people just the word “church” can stir up painful things about sexual abuse, religious abuse, doctrinal abuse, and more. This posting today is just a “heads up” or “trigger warning” in case some readers may be concerned that this topic will bring up painful memories from their past.

Hopefully it will be a good post, one that the Holy Spirit can use to bring help and healing to the Church which Christ bought with His Own Blood.

2 thoughts on ““Voices From The Last Pew” Update

  1. I really love this strip. I have met many who have told me, when searching for hope they only found additional punishment and or exploitation in some way or another. We all see it, but sometimes we sit idly by and watch. I try to pay attention, knowing that it is so much better try to help lift up the spirit rather than try to tear it down. Keep up the good works! Thanks 🙂

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