“Laura’s Own Bible-y Stuff List!”

Well, Laura has done it! She met Rob’s list challenge, and she even taught him something in the process! As a bonus, she admitted getting some help! (The first item was from was her most recent “Time Warp Trip” when Laser Eyes Jesus gave her an answer, and the second item was from her first “Time Warp Trip” where she learned you don’t just get Laser Eyes Jesus to read about the Gospel off of a piece of paper!)

The lists, comments, and suggestions you readers provided were great! And I think it’s really important to emphasize, as several of you pointed out, the things we do that please God are really things He enables us to do in the first place! So in a huge way, these things are not necessarily ours as in originating within us. Not at all.

So what do you think about things that please God Our Father? And what about adding “My” at the beginning? For me (and it’s okay if this is not for you), adding “My” at the beginning helps me to be accountable and helps me to create balance.

Here’s what I mean by balance. I can be quick to say “My prayer life is not what it should be” or “My generosity towards the less fortunate needs some work.” I claim the “Not-So-Pleasing-To-God Things” quickly, yet I tend to push away the “Pleasing-To-God” things even more quickly! I will say things like, “Oh, it was nothing” or “Well that’s what I’m supposed to do.”

Does that seem a little off-balance to you like it does to me? (Maybe you do that too? Hopefully I’m not the only one! Remember, a lot here is just me figuring things out, not necessarily saying “This is true for everyone. Do this.”)

For myself, I want to look at this more from a coaching perspective. In things like sports or mentoring programs, we can say, “My coach has really helped me work on my speed and focus, and I achieved my goals.” So I’m suggesting that we can say, “Jesus has really helped me work on my prayer life and my generosity and Our Heavenly Father is pleased!” (Or maybe that’s what everyone else is already doing, and I’m just figuring it out now? Oops!)

One of the big things Jesus coached people on was their faith. He often let people know whether their faith was pleasing to God or not, and He coached them when it was not.

…“Daughter, your faith has made you well…” Mark 5:34 (NASB)

…“I say to you, not even in Israel have I found such great faith.” Luke 7:9 (NASB)

…“Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?”… Matthew 8:26 (NASB)

Yet we also know that our faith really comes from God.

fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith… Hebrews 12:2a (NASB)

…God has allotted to each a measure of faith. Romans 12:3b (NASB)

So I look to Jesus as My Coach to help me with (1) My Praise and My Thanksgiving, (2) My Speaking The Gospel, and (3) My Walk, because I know He was pleasing in all of His ways and bore fruit in every good work, and He can show me how.

What if we imagined these things that please God were like Olympic events? How would that change our perspective? (Remember that “great cloud of witnesses” in Hebrews Chapter 12?) We can each say “My Coach is THE BEST!” Then we get to claim the trophy when all the time we know that we’d never be able to have that trophy with Our Coach! Isn’t that extravagantly loving of Him? When all the time we are just floundering without Him with our shoelaces untied!

Who knows, maybe Laura’s “Bible-y Stuff” will really help her to become a coach to Rob and others! Maybe she will even start a list titled “Things Jesus Is To Me” and start it with “(1) My Coach”!?! And what about those twins of hers?!? Hmm…

10 thoughts on ““Laura’s Own Bible-y Stuff List!”

  1. I have been waiting for this post to post my list of “My’s”:

    My prayer fo salvation for my family.
    My attentiveness to spot openings to share the Gospel with those I come into contact.
    Mu blog and life will be an instrument for His glory.

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    1. Thanks, Don. And it’s really interesting how close your three are to my three! (Or should I say “Laura’s three”?!?) I like that these lists give me something to pray for in the lives of my readers too, particularly with your first item, definitely with your first item.


  2. Any good that any of us do is God doing it in us. It is never just us, out of the goodness of our hearts, doing anything.

    Once, when I was in therapy, I had told the therapist what a loser I was. She said, “Well, you did this and that.” I told her that any good I did was God, not me, so why would I be proud of that?

    She was truly horrified by what I said. She asked me to visit her church Sunday. That it would help me. So, I went, and honestly, the people there were worshiping themselves and praising themselves in music! It was weird and terrible.

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    1. Wow! What can I say?!? That does sound weird! I have to say that I’m so glad Jesus calls us “Friends” and not “Losers.” I imagine that we will never quite understand how God sees us because He is outside of time and space. He sees the beginning and the end and everything in between all at once, maybe. And when we are with Him where He is, I think we will be so in awe of Him that we won’t stop for a minute to look at ourselves! Wow!

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