“Anonymous Housewife Seeks Help With Bible-y Stuff”

Just a regular silly comic strip today because the internet has been crazy here last night and this morning! It is a follow up to this comic strip which was the result of this comic strip where Laura, the Tidy List Maker, has gotten carried away again with one of her lists.

Please consider taking this poll. I realized this week that I’ve gotten way off of what I had sort of set up as a “comic strip posting schedule,” and so there hasn’t been a “Flamethrower Mommy and Ghost Dad” or “Laser Eyes Jesus” this week. Looks like that happened with a few others too, however they aren’t always posted weekly. But maybe there are some which ar not weekly but should be?!?

Anyway, the point is that if there’s a comic strip that is particularly popular, I want to make sure that I post a new one at least every week whenever I can! This poll should help with that goal.


7 thoughts on ““Anonymous Housewife Seeks Help With Bible-y Stuff”

    1. Thanks, Jon. I think I can see how you would like those two the most. I think they both have a deep reflective quality that is similar to your own posts here at WordPress. Hopefully anyone reading these comments here will visit your site and see for themselves what I mean! Thanks!

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  1. You know I love me some Laser Eyes Jesus (I’ve said that a few times now) but I ALSo realllly do love your Last Pew posts. I did vote in the poll, but I just wanted to add that if I could choose a second place, it’d be the Last Pew 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! I have to say, I really had no idea how popular “Voices From The Last Pew” would be. Those are the toughest ones to draw and write. There should be a new one to post this week. I’m glad you’re a Laser Eyes Jesus fan! He rocks in his own unique way, from what I’m reading from the comments and poll numbers, it seems like most people like having a balance between the serious and the silly which is good, I think. Laser Eyes Jesus should be posted this week as well. I missed him this week. Oh, by the way, I’m sitting here watching a Laser Eyes Jesus favorite on TV — a Godzilla movie — as I’m typing this! Thanks for your feedback!

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    1. Thanks, Belle. That is a favorite for sure, and with only two complete posts as well which has really surprised me! There is another “Voices From The Last Pew” almost ready for posting later this week! Thanks for voting. It really does help with planning!

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