“Rob’s First Challenge (Laura, This Needs To Stop!)”

It was probably all of that talk about “The Hopelessly Lost” that gave Rob this idea. As you’ve seen, Laura tends to get carried away with her lists, and the part concerning “To Make Sure You Get Rid Of The Right Ones” is honestly a little scary, even in a cartoon. (We’ve already seen Laura go through a time warp and return, so there’s just no telling. Plus I’ve heard that their twins are working on a “Blast ‘Em Straight To Hell Machine” secretly in the basement!)

Rob has given Laura a challenge with the hope of redirecting her limitless listmaking energy more constructively! Next week, Laura will produce a real honest-to-goodness list based on things from the “Real Bible,” not the imaginary one she carries around in her head! Each item on the list will begin with “My” so that she is focusing on herself, not pointing her finger at others. In fact, there will only be three items on Laura’s list since, “Every time you point a finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you.”

So what do you think? “Things That Are Pleasing To God”…at least three items, each beginning with “My,” and backed up by verses from the Bible. we could be onto something here!

Maybe you’d like to give it a try as well? Now I’m not saying that next week’s posted list will be “THE” list, and I’m not challenging you to guess what is on next week’s list. (A list that you make based on your own prayerful study will almost always have more meaning to you than a list that I would give you.) This just seems like an interesting way of generating some ideas. So it’s real this time when the comic strip says “Why not start your own list today?!?” Let’s get started!

Any ideas can be shared here in “Comments/Thoughts” as long as your list doesn’t include something like “My Blast ‘Em Straight To Hell Machine”! (The twins have already claimed it, but that’s for another comic strip, another day!)


11 thoughts on ““Rob’s First Challenge (Laura, This Needs To Stop!)”

  1. My poverty of spirit
    My mercy
    My peacemaking…
    From the beatitudes. Interesting that putting MY in front of these kind of makes a guy feel uncomfortable, like I’m bragging. I know in my heart I’m not always all these virtues (or any of them at times) so maybe they don’t work. Better to say “Help me be…” ? A more accurate list:
    My confession
    My repentance
    My dependence on You…

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    1. Great point, Chuck, and something that I hadn’t really considered, but which is extremely important. Even things like “My willingness to help those who need help” is something that the Holy Spirit creates in us, both the desire and the action. It’s like it’s His grace that even lets us say “my” at all. Thanks for that!

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  2. Things that are pleasing to God: My dependence on him. My prayers. My sharing about Him through our blog.

    The Old Testament says God delights in those who are his. I guess it is how I delight in my daughters and grandchildren because they are mine – not by anything they do.

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  3. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right but I’ll give it a shot.
    My confession of sin.
    My forgiveness of others who have sinned against me.
    My love for Him and others.
    My humility.
    My obedience
    My faith
    My honesty
    My walk/journey with Him
    My life
    My growth
    My intercession
    My Joy
    My existence
    My repentance
    My victory
    My birth
    My wisdom
    My knowledge
    My discernment
    My hope
    My prayers
    My fasts
    My thanksgiving
    My worship
    My desires ( as they become more like his)
    My reverence

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    1. This is awesome!

      If we were in school, I’d want to sit next to you! Yikes! But then the answers wouldn’t be “my” answers! And I don’t think “My looking on J.J.’S paper” would get me anywhere near the head of the class!”

      I really do like “My desires (as they become more like His)” that is truly deep and something I’m going to be thinking about in my own life this afternoon because of your contribution to the conversation! Thanks!

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