“Saturday Evening 7PM (Before Mother’s Day)”

So let’s step back in time a bit to the Saturday evening before Mother’s Day…

…The Saturday evening after the broadcasting of the show where Miss Gladys Louise Brickle said on television that she would donate her winning “Lottery For Life Sweepstakes” ticket to Bradley Martin (“Your Servant Of The Lloyd”) and his wife Bradeena (“Your Angel of Modesty”).

…The Saturday evening after we discovered that Miss Louise Brickle was more than she appeared to be and had discovered the secret of the warehouse at the end of Raleigh Avenue.

…The Saturday evening before what was to be the biggest television ratings bonanza as Miss Betty Mae Butler, Miracle Apple Pie Baker, was shown completely recovered due to viewer donations and “Special Lloyd Servant Prayers”.

…The Saturday evening that could change the course of apple pies, television, and civilization as we know it!!!

First, let’s take a visit to the parking lot behind Thirty-One West Main where we discover a surprising secret alliance! You knew Helena Montgomery was an evil annoyance from the letters that she has written in “Dear Nickel Boy Graphics,” but had you imagined this?!? Who would have known one missing little hyphen, one slight sophisticated pause could reveal such treachery?!? Nice going Mr. Chandler! But will the headlines in the newspaper read “Too Little, Too Late”?!?

Coming up soon, while still stepping back in time a bit, we take a visit to the warehouse at the end of Raleigh Avenue!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”


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