“Just Checking On You, Buddy!”

With the recent loss of my job, I am exploring some income possibilities through my graphics. Most every artist would like to be able to support themselves through their work, and that had been a dream of mine many years ago. But that was before the internet, WordPress, and Nickel Boy Graphics! So let’s see how this goes! (The job loss was due to a company transition which I believe was better for a majority of the company’s employees, just not necessarily me, but I’m not holding any bad feelings!)

I’ve tried several coffee mug designs with Zazzle, a custom printing company. After a few previous trials and adjustments, I believe I’ve got the font sizes adjusted properly for the Zazzle printing team. The only way to truly test these items is to order them and see how the final product looks. They look really good when designing online, but the preview is not necessarily accurate due to the equipment used for custom items. That’s understandable, and I don’t want to offer anything that I wouldn’t want myself! Seriously.

My trial mug orders were a learning experience, but a good one! So here is a real coffee mug that looks nice with colors close to the original drawings and with a font size that is clear and readable!

Although I would really like to incorporate speech balloons for these, the font size becomes a problem. They are readable, just not what I want you to have! But I’m going to keep working on it!

These coffee mugs are available in different sizes and styles, however I used the smaller size to better check the font readability. There is one design for each of comic strips (some funny, some serious). So you can choose your favorite or one that has particular significance to you.

Here’s the link to get to the new online store for Nickel Boy Graphics at Zazzle!

Currently there is only one Collection that has been built, and that’s for coffee mugs. There’s a coffee mug for each of the comic strips (some funny, some serious), and several for “The Lloyd Servant Show”! I’ve tried out and ordered several different ones to make sure that these are something that I would want myself!

I will add more collections of other items like T-shirts once I’ve tested out the products myself and can be sure that they are something that I would want for myself! (You may see a few item that come up as “No Longer Available” because they were trials that just didn’t work for me.)

Although I’m still getting accustomed to Facebook, I believe I’ll be using it more now to help keep product promotion at WordPress to a minimum.


Regular readers, please let me know what you think. Good or bad or indifferent, I value your objective opinions and suggestions more than I can say! Thanks!

11 thoughts on ““Just Checking On You, Buddy!”

      1. Thanks! I truly appreciate that! However I hope you know that I value just having you as a WordPress friend whether you get a mug or not! Can you tell I’m no good at sales? I have never had a real job in sales in my entire life! Lots of other kinds of jobs, but never sales. I think it’s because I’d be more likely to say, “Are you really sure about that?!?” and then lose the sale! (I’m not counting the things I used to make and sell during elementary school that got me into big trouble! I was creative though with my Creepy Crawlers! I had a handmade “catalogue” and everything! Both the school and my parents did not think my young entrepreneurial imagination was very good!) Anyway and either way I appreciate you!

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  1. With the price of food up here in Canada and the exchange rate your entire marketing budget would be gone just buying a donut and coffee – if you come visit give me a few weeks to save up so I can take you out for “Timmies” (Tim Hortons for all those who don’t end their sentences in “EH?”)

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    1. Ha! Ha! I spent two weeks in Canada in 2013 training in both Toronto and Montreal. “Timmies” (a new word for me) were the first Canadian food I ate! Seriously, you just have to love a country where the money is called “Loonies” and “Toonies”! Our Krispy Kreme’s are $1.09 ($1.14 with tax) and that seems a lot for just one doughnut that is mostly sugar and air held together by a small amount of flour! Still one does need props for proper marketing, EH?”

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