“All That Glittery Glitter Glittering So Glitterfully!”

So now we have the “Official Laser Eyes Jesus Answer” to the question “What is the very worst thing ever that can happen to a person?”

First, a tip for Readers: When he’s not sure what to say, Laser Eyes Jesus usually says something about pudding cups! Not that he’s trying to mislead or hurt anyone. He just doesn’t know what else to say! (And then he will usually blast someone!)

Now comes the “So what do you think” part! Do we have sayings that we fall back on when faced with the hurt and suffering of others? Things that we say out of habit but maybe shouldn’t? Maybe because they don’t represent God properly?

“Everything happens for a reason.” To me, this implies that God is directing everything that happens to us, both good and bad. This makes God the source of job promotions, winning lottery tickets, football victories but also painful illnesses, mass murder, brutal torture.

“It’s all for God’s glory.” To me, this implies that God is more concerned with Himself than those He created and that somehow He is glorified by painful illnesses, mass murders, and brutal torturing.

“God never gives us more than we can handle.” To me, this implies that if you give up or get crushed, you’ve let God down. Maybe you didn’t pray enough or read your Bible enough. It’s your fault you couldn’t handle it.

So then, God PURPOSELY PICKED YOU to suffer through that horrible thing BECAUSE THAT GLORIFIES HIM, and if you just give up and stop believing in Him or start drinking or taking drugs to make it to the next day or kill yourself because to you it really is more than you can handle, then that FAILURE IS YOUR FAULT.

So what do you think? Are these honestly good things to say to yourself and to other people? Am I just suggesting that they aren’t any good because I am grumpy and have no pudding cups chilling in my refrigerator? (Maybe!)

Or maybe, just maybe, there are better things to say when the very worst thing ever happens to you or someone you know?

You see, yesterday I was wondering about how I ended the commentary part of the post. Maybe it was too much of a “Brady Bunch” kind of ending. Sort of like Marsha Brady’s worst thing ever: “Getting a pimple before your big date with the cutest boy in your class.” That really only makes sense if you’re a teenager.

So if you were not a Christian, not a Christ follower, that might have sounded as “ungroovy” as a “Brady Bunch” happily-ever-after ending.

These last two comic strip posts have really given me some things to consider, and I hope for you as well. What do we say and what do we do to help a hurting world? That’s what I want to understand and live out in a real way, not in a glittery glitterful way!

17 thoughts on ““All That Glittery Glitter Glittering So Glitterfully!”

      1. But because of Him I have hope. Maybe the best question is not what’s the worst thing that can happen but what is the best thing that can happen. thinking about that possibility fills me with such joy and peace.

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  1. Some serious points brought up here. No one talks about this. Yes, everything happens for a reason. I believe anything that happens good or bad God will ultimately be glorified. That is the one absolute thing that must come to pass and that I am certainly sure of.
    But so many bad things happen, the fact that the evilest spirits must obey God without question shows you that there’s is nothing that will get in the way of him being glorified in the end and those people who are with him will be blessed in the end, whether now or in the time to come but that is also another absolute that MUST and will happen. The only problem is enduring the race.

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    1. Yes, I do think “how to endure the race” is key. How do we help each other to do that? It’s been my experience, maybe yours too, that I will feel like I’ve got it all together, I can handle anything, my faith in God is so strong and real, and then something in life blindsides me or someone I care about, and then what? Anyway, thanks for your comments! More to follow in this little series!

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  2. Maybe the problem with those sayings is that they are “fix it” sayings when really we just need to say “I’m here and God is too, sorry for you mess” as others have said above, being present is the important thing. The freedom God gave us isn’t always pretty (unless there are pudding cups full of glitter involved) but it is a blessing none the less.

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  3. I believe all those things you quoted, and maybe that is a problem for me.

    “Everything happens for a reason.” My husband’s favorite saying, which can be annoying, and yet I believe it. My grandson died 5 years ago at age 21. So, if there was no reason and God’s hand wasn’t involved, how can that help me?

    “It’s all for God’s glory.” This can’t mean for every thing that happens. But for Christians I guess it could. I think if I learn trust and patience thru my suffering, I guess that is to God’s glory. Is he the source if we are tortured? He isn’t the instigator, but I think he decides if he will let it happen. Yes, I do think every tiny thing in a Christian’s life has to go thru God first. I stumbled one day and almost impaled myself on a piece of metal that was sticking up. I was able to barely stop my fall. I think it wasn’t my time to die.

    “God never gives us more than we can handle.” I used to think this meant a person would not lose their mind or have a breakdown if they gave their lives to God. Um, no. I’ve had a couple and I’ve read of other Christians who have had them. So, what does this verse mean? I hope it means no matter what happens to us, we will be saved.

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  4. I really, really like this post. I think (along with what every one else said), those statements are true, but they aren’t the whole truth. I used to think that when God said He’d provide our “daily bread”, like in the Lord’s prayer, it meant that if I tithed, we would never get into debt, have enough to be a two-car family, and never need financial aid or help from family members when we couldn’t afford life. I’ve discovered, painfully, that just isn’t true. I think with a statement, “God will never give you more than you can handle”, being able to “handle it” can mean getting lots of therapy, relying heavily on friends and family, taking quite a few bruises along the way, and then barely getting past the finish line. It doens’t mean going it alone.

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  5. Great post and reminder for me! I am guilty of judging someone’s suffering with my own “suffrage scale” which is not very helpful. I think listening, an empathetic heart and support are vital. Sayings can be helpful, but I try not to toss any “bumper sticker” quotes at people who are going through tough times.

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    1. Thanks, Corri, and I’m really glad you found this helpful. It’s not always easy to put away those “bumper sticker” quotes. In fact, the very same day that I posted this, I found myself listening to someone tell me about needing an operation and not having any health insurance. She was going to travel to Germany where her mother still lives because she could get her operation there free. I told her, without thinking, “It’s going to be okay.” Fortunately I will see her again and can do better the next time!

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