“Don’t Focus, Miss Gladys! Don’t Focus!”

This is #015 of “The Lloyd Servant Show,” and it certainly looks like whatever hypnotic power is being used through the television set, it has weakened the willpower of poor Miss Gladys!

In fact, it actually looks like she’s just going to make it easier for “Lloyd Servant” (Bradley Martin) to get his hands on her lottery winnings! And all of this is being recorded. Yikes!!!

What is Mis Gladys going to say?!? Why the concern about the “Mute Button”? Will Bradeena (now best friend for life “Deena”) give Miss Gladys a makeover for her appearance or a wipeout for her bank account?

More to follow, and soon!!!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

9 thoughts on ““Don’t Focus, Miss Gladys! Don’t Focus!”

  1. Oh man! I can’t believe the major call to common sense this promotes for Christians. It’s a message that has been needed to get out there for a long time. This is extremely important now as a lot of damage has been done by some of these types of ministries. It seriously is very important but it also shows that the Lord is opening the eyes of his people. The prayers have gone up and the answers are coming down.

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    1. I agree, and there was one who was raided by the IRS and Postal Inspectors towards the end of April. While I do believe that God can and does still heal people today, I don’t believe that a healing ministry requires someone to have his or her own personal jet! Jesus and the Apostles did it just with “sandal power”! Thanks for your additional perspective on this!

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  2. I know Joyce Meyer has a private jet, and she explained why. She is old, commercial travel is very hard on her physically (she has trouble with her feet), and she travels all the time. She feels commercial travel was adversely affecting her health.

    I am close to her age and find flying a terrible strain. I can’t stand for long periods of time and can’t walk very far, so I understand why she bought a jet. I have read though, that she has millions of artwork and furnishings in her house. I don’t think that is right. People sacrifice to give money to her ministry. Her husband bought some race car worth a lot of money. She said on her show she was against it, but it was up to him.

    I don’t give to Joyce Meyer, but I do believe her ministry actually helps people. Her Hand of Hope helps tons of people. She does live too rich, I think. I’m sure Jesus would not do that.

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    1. That’s surprising to me because Joyce Meyer seems to be so much like “the neighbor next door in the way that she speaks so plainly” that I had always assumed that she flew in the special business class up front on a regular plane. My main purpose about bringing up jets is that it just seems odd to me how things like healing seem to be concentrated with just a few major evangelists. So at the church that I attend there is a healing service with prayer for the sick every Wednesday night. For me, this seems more in line with what Jesus wanted his original apostles and disciples to do. So my comment about jets really has more to do with the healing part rather than the teaching part, but I should have made that more clear. Thanks!

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      1. Yes, your church is doing a good thing having a healing service one a week.

        In my old church, if you wanted prayer for healing you had to call the pastor then he would call the elders and they would come to your house and anoint you with oil, lay hands on you and pray. I like what your church does better. It seems easier for all concerned.

        Its okay what you said about the jet and everything else. Im disappointed in Joyce now. My husband was looking up her financial position online. Jesus said if we have 2 coats to give one away. I think he means that literally and also as a way to show us we should not have more than we need in any area of our lives.

        This is not easy for the rich or the poor to do.

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