“The Beauty Of Dishpan Hands (B&W Version)”

So what do you think? This does sort of have that 1950’s television comedy feel, doesn’t it?

Somebody gets what they wanted but weren’t really expecting. Somebody doesn’t get what they wanted but learned a valuable lesson. The dishes get washed, and everyone lives happily ever after in their perfect B&W television world!

Maybe that’s why I put everything in black and white, just like those 1950’s television comedies!

Actually today is the start of a new month, and I wanted to do something different today and also take time to thank everyone who has followed along with me on this comic strip journey that is exploring my Christian faith in a visual way. I’m grateful for all of the “likes” and “follows” and “comments.” That may sound a little corny, just like a 1950’s Black and White comedy, but I’m okay with it if you are!

This website has come a long way in the past approximately 100 days and 100+ posts! (And a very special note of appreciation for those of you who followed over from the other blog that I had started last fall when I first began doing these comic strips!)

More important than anything, I believe I’ve grown a great deal in my relationship with Jesus as a result of these comic strips (some funny, some serious), and honestly hope that you have also!


11 thoughts on ““The Beauty Of Dishpan Hands (B&W Version)”

  1. Thank you for your dedication to the comic strips and your work, you encourage me to press on with my own. The comic strips are very entertaining and as you already know that one of your recent posts gave me a great revelation. lol.
    Yeap, I do love the classic shows. Things have changed so much and even though we have better technology to make better films I feel like something is missing. Not sure if it’s just me.

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    1. Thanks, and I don’t think it’s just you where the old shows are concerned! In my area, there are at several over-the-air channels that have the old shows! I think one of the main differences is that so many of the newer comedy shows have punch lines that are much like insults, but the old shows were just funny because we could see a little bit of ourselves in the characters and we genuinely liked them even though they were goofy, like Barney Fife and Otis Campbell and Earnest T. Bass from “The Andy Griffith Show.” Great show! Anyway, thanks for your comments!

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      1. That means your reaching a different group of people that others may not. From what I have seen I like that you do more think about it posts rather than give all the answers posts.

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