“You Have Some Serious Issues, Sweetie!”

I remember the first time I ever heard the word “issue” used in a work setting. It really stuck in my mind and gave me a bad “taste”…if that’s possible for a word to do.

I was accustomed to saying, “This is something that we will need to work on together.”

Then people changed from calling something an “issue” to calling it a “challenge” because that sounds sort of bold and daring…almost like “Star Trek” in a way.

Maybe “challenge” was too easily associated with the phrase “insurmountable challenge,” and so the new word became “opportunity.” That one word seemed to make everything optimistically better!

For me, I still like “something we need to work on together.” It takes more words, but it makes me think more about people. It’s not an “Amazing Flaw Concealer” way of handling things.

And just between you and me, Readers, I think Helena has a lot of “things we need to work on together”!

10 thoughts on ““You Have Some Serious Issues, Sweetie!”

  1. Part of her community service. lol. Tragic catastrophe size jar. Too much laughter here.
    I mean, she was just a few sentences short of asking for a chisel, a hammer and an angle grinder for the task. Looool.
    I think I may have said this before but I used to run a youth group a few years ago, these posts would have been perfect for the Job. You can easily raise discussions with these and exchange ideas.
    A daily devotion, hardback with these comics and the thoughts of wisdom covering the topic would be excellent.

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    1. Yes, definitely “ominous”! A new work that I’ve heard fairly recently is “ask” used in place of the word “request.” For example, instead of saying “I think we need a request for that new piece of equipment” someone will say “I think we need an ask for that new piece of equipment.” It sounds way too trendy to me, maybe even a little pretentious too! I really hope that Christians don’t sound trendy and pretentious to the rest of the world! And would we realize it if we did?!? Wow! Something to consider!

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  2. I find our current stream of language to be a lot like shape shifting. Far to many of us try to fit a much kinder gentle conformity to current language, which means nothing fits. Give me the bull in a china shop any day plain speech.

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