“Voices From The Last Pew” Update

This is a “trigger warning” concerning tomorrow’s post for “Voices From The Last Pew.”

It will be titled “Forgiveness…Even For Myself?” and is a companion posting to “Forgiveness…Even For Them?”

The post will take a look at how some people have a difficult time forgiving themselves, and the new person sitting in “The Last Pew” reflects on how she was abused sexually as a child.

This posting today is just a “heads up” in case some readers may be concerned that this may bring up painful memories from their past. You have a right to deal with things based on your own timing.

Hopefully it will be a good post, one that the Holy Spirit can use to bring help and healing.

3 thoughts on ““Voices From The Last Pew” Update

  1. This will be a good topic, as most church members will not discuss it. I myself have dealt with sexual assault and other issues (like being offered money for sex). These things are swept under the rug, and hid behind smiling faces and church luncheons. I am expected to act normal, even though I am dealing with addiction (porn) and the memories of my past. I want to scream sometimes.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this. Seriously. It helps everyone to be aware of these things. It is often so easy to become encapsulated in a safe, happy (and blind) world and thereby miss the real human suffering that truly is all around us…

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