“Eat Your Chocolate Bunny And Get On With Your Life!”

Sorry for the delay! I woke up and did a total rewrite! And with no coffee or chocolate bunny! Hopefully I’ve got it right now!

This “Public vs. Private” is not really advice that I want to use to shape my life, but why is that?

Hypocrisy was probably the biggest criticism Jesus had for the religious leaders in Israel. Hypocrisy is probably the biggest reason Christianity is being rejected. People do see the difference between public life and private life.

How can the thing that Jesus criticized so strongly back then now be a major criticism of the religion based on His life and teachings? Where did we go wrong? I think perhaps the key lies in whether or not we embrace Jesus.

But what does “embrace Jesus” involve? Somehow I don’t think it’s about saying “Alleluia! Christ is risen!” and then eating your chocolate bunny and getting on with your life like nothing had happened.

We embrace Jesus because He never said “I’m here to start a new set of religious beliefs and practices called Christianity.” Instead, He said, “I’m here to establish God’s kingdom. Here’s what that looks like.” Then He sent the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead now allows us to embrace Jesus in all that He is and all that He taught and even in all the modern situations that no one had imagined centuries ago.

This is the real power of Easter, when we embrace Jesus with all of our weakness and inabilities through the Holy Spirit, He does in us what we cannot do in ourselves, and our beliefs and practices are good and right and pleasing to our Heavenly Father.

7 thoughts on ““Eat Your Chocolate Bunny And Get On With Your Life!”

  1. I tip my beanie hat, as one who has to agree wholeheartedly in your comment. As a propeller-head one soon learns to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit verses the false wind of people who are windless.

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  2. The are two people in my life, who leave disparaging comments on my blog and elsewhere, who I call the “Angry Activist” and “Detractor”. They remind me a lot of Helena, deriding me for leaving the physical pleasures of my past, harping on me for not embracing the inevitable, that what I am is hardwired and I cannot change. They want me to eat the bunny. But like the bunny, the life I lead is hollow, and completely empty. It is God who fills me. The bunny is sickly sweet giving you cavities, just like the pleasures of the world without telling you of the consequences of that like (AIDS, suicides, criminal activity, etc.) (these things I have witnessed).
    They don’t seem to get that I am happier in the Lord, He who fills me, than all the carnal pleasures that I had before. Just like the bunny tasting sweet and then giving you a stomach ache, the carnal pleasures only lasted about ten minutes and then you are wracked with guilt and inner turmoil.
    I will take God any day over the hollow chocolate bunny.

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    1. Wow! This is an amazing comment! I love it when a reader sees something that I didn’t plan or even see myself! That’s awesome! That’s exactly what I was thinking when I read this that you wrote, “But like the bunny, the life I lead is hollow, and completely empty.”

      It had not occurred to me at all about the bunny being hollow, or that Helena was basically saying, “Just go on with your hollow life. Enjoy what you can. It’s all hollow on the inside and you’ll feel hollow afterwards, but who cares?”

      I’m so glad you saw that. Will need to incorporate that analogy next year I think! Seriously, seriously, seriously, thank you SO much! May the love of Christ fill you to overflowing!

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