“Final Surrender?”

So what do you think? Everett and Laura both went through some of the same things leading up to this comic strip, but is the result the same? Or even different but still positive? For you, has Easter been a time for renewal and new life, a fresh perspective maybe (like Everett)? Or is it a time for becoming more deeply rooted in old habits (like Laura)?

Here’s where I think the difference is. Laura says “You know Mommy’s hands weren’t made for washing ANYTHING!”

This goes back to the account of Jesus washing the apostles’ feet at The Last Supper (John 13:1-17). This goes back to being humble. This goes back to being in fellowship with Jesus. For many, the washing of feet is a part of Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday, and the start of a three days of deep and serious contemplation of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

There is so much more than I can discuss in a short posting, so I encourage you to reread and rethink. However I would like to close with three thoughts.

How easily our Savior could have said, “These hands were not made for washing feet.”

How easily our Savior could have said, “These hands were not made for being nailed to a wooden cross.”

How easily our Savior could have said, “These hands were not made for taking away the sins of the world.”

But He didn’t. Instead He said,

“not my will, but thine, be done.” Luke 22:42b

10 thoughts on ““Final Surrender?”

    1. Thanks, Chuck, I really appreciate that. To tell you the truth, when I got sat down to do this, it was about 8AM Eastern, and I aim for a publish time of 9AM…but I didn’t have an idea for the comic or for the accompanying comments or anything! So really, I do believe this was not my preplanning or anything like that, just the Holy Spirit’s direction. Seriously.

      So this feedback is good, because honestly, I don’t always know when I’m proofreading if it’s good or not…I wonder if I’m fooling myself and just wanting it to be good for my ego or if it’s good because it’s what the Holy Spirit had directed.

      And honestly, I trust you and respect you enough for you to say, “John, you were way off on this one! You were just trying to make yourself look good, and it fell flat! Next time, buddy, listen to the Holy Spirit!”

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      1. John, you were listening to the Holy Spirit, He does not miss, what a blessing to be in His hands! It is also a blessing to doubt your motives, believe me I know, I share those doubts all the time but it is a good thing (not an easy thing or a fun thing but good). If we were cock sure that we were God’s mouthpiece we’d be ugly and dangerous. If we didn’t think God would ever use us we’d fall into despair and do nothing. But to walk that tricky middle ground believing God loves us enough to put us to work, His work, and yet worrying about our ego getting in the way, that’s the blessed ground of reality called trust… devotion… love. But having someone else of faith around to punch you and say “what the hell?” is good so let’s be willing to keep a eye on each other brother.

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  1. Well, you’ve officially done it. You’ve officially brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations, your art has finally moved someone to tears hahaha. But seriously, such a powerful post, even though it’s one of your shorter ones. Resorting to old habits…that hit me hard. Easter comes and goes, our flame is fanned, and then it’s right back to normal. We ought to remember that we were bought at a price, we are not our own, so perhaps, we ought to get in there and start doing the work. Thanks for the encouragement!

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    1. Thanks, and I really appreciate that. Honestly I haven’t known exactly what to post so far this week because I’ve been visiting family so I haven’t had as much time to prepare. This post was very much a “Lord, what do you want me to say?” kind of post.

      I didn’t have an idea or anything when I sat down about an hour before when I wanted to publish today’s post! (I aim for 9AM Eastern at the latest.)

      As I said to Chuck in a different reply, today was really relying on the Holy Spirit, not me! It felt “right” but I don’t always know for sure if that isn’t my ego getting in the way.

      Anyway, thanks so much for your feedback, and I’m sorry for the tears. I get that way too at times…particularly with verses like Luke 7:47 “Therefore, I tell you, her sins, which were many, have been forgiven; hence she has shown great love. But the one to whom little is forgiven, loves little.”

      The greater the tears, the greater the forgiveness, the greater the love…but as you say, let’s turn them into action!

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  2. I was very moved by the last lines, and how of course Jesus would have never said that. We have a God who stoops down and does the dirty, hard work for us. He is an amazing God. No one could have imagined a God like him.

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    1. Thanks, Belle. To tell you the truth, a good deal of the inspiration there came from on of the guys who was baptized at church on Easter. He had shared with us that one of the things that convinced him that Jesus is “the real deal” is how He gave Himself to be crucified and to suffer and how that was so much the exact opposite from what he would have done…he would have blasted everyone! (And I would have too!) Thankfully Jesus did not do what we would have done!

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