“That’s NOT My Jesus!”

This completes our time warp sequence that started here and connected here!

So what do you think as far as “Time Warps and Other Sciency Stuff”? Would Laura’s card still have the words “God raised Him from the dead” if she traveled back in time before Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected?

More importantly, and not “Sciency” at all, what do you think about how Jesus looks? Does He look like your neighbor? That needy person on the street? Or does he look like a new dishwashing machine?

My prayer for all of my readers, is that during the remainder of this Holy Week, you will see Jesus in a new way. It’s not for me to say what that new way is (of course)! But my prayer is that you will see Real Life Jesus in a new way, that some aspect of who He is will come into sharper focus and be real in your life.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be posting the “Monthly Digest” editions for March, but will not be posting anything from Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday. This is to give myself a chance to see Real Life Jesus in a new way as well!

(For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the “Laser Eyes Jesus” comic strip found here, Laser Eyes Jesus is not Real Life Jesus. They just have the same name and are from the same period of time. As the comic strip unfolds over the next months or years, I am expecting to work an encounter between these two into the plot! I just don’t want anyone who is new Nickel Boy Graphics to be confused, so Laura is right, that was not her Jesus, but would she have recognized her Jesus if she had seen him?!?)

13 thoughts on ““That’s NOT My Jesus!”

  1. The idea of a blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus is patently false. Realistically speaking, since He was from the Mediterranean region, it is likely He would have had olive colored skin and dark hair, possibly long due to him being a Jew (only Greeks and Romans cut their hair). Still whatever we envision Jesus to look like, it is a false image. No one was there. Most of the images that we have were created by the Catholic church because most people were illiterate. These false images became a source of power over the people, and many began to worship them instead of the one true God. He never required worship, instead giving all glory to God. He came to save us, as His son, the only one who could because he was untainted by sin. Even I am stuck with this false image of the blonde haired and blue eyed Jesus, but I don’t worship him. It’s just a picture, someone’s imagination of One that rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. I worship the one true living God, whom I never have seen, and thank Him for my salvation.

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  2. I have to agree with tvmasterc no body knows what Jesus looks like. i have been in a few churches where that dirty blond-haired blue eyed Jesus gave me as poster boy look. It seems Mary in the garden didn’t even recognize Jesus, but when he said,”Mary” she answered up. From what i studied she “saw” the word describes our word for theater. She was looking but blew it. I may not see Him but I can hear him.

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    1. Great point about Mary not recognizing Jesus until she heard Him. That and your note about hearing Him as well reminded me of Isaiah 30:20-22 and especially “This is the way, walk in it.” Hearing sure seems to be outweighing seeing! Thanks!


  3. I picture Jesus as having dark hair and beard, dark eyes and young. His skin maybe brownish. Handsome, even though the Bible says he had no beauty that we should desire him. Strong arms, like a carpenter would have. A smile on his face. Love in his eyes.

    We bought the movie, “The Gospel of John,” and watched the making of it. The man who played Jesus said his idea of Jesus had changed while studying for the part. He said he was surprised at Jesus’ strong personality. I remember thinking how true that was. He was a take-charge kind of person. He was always coming to the defense of people who were bothered by other people: the disciples, the woman in adultery, the woman who washed his feet. “Leave her alone.” Yes, to me he has a very strong and heroic personality.

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