“Flooded With Miracle Reports!”

This is #011 of “The Lloyd Servant Show,” and there seem to be loads of “Special Miracle Reports”! When people eat Betty Mae’s “Amazing Multiplying Miracle American Christian Apple Pie,” astonishing things happen!

Just to be clear, I tried to choose “miracles” that you just wouldn’t see every day. These “miracles” aren’t a statement about anything being right or wrong, good or evil, holy or profane, nor are they an attempt to make fun of anyone’s struggles. If anything, they are making fun of “quick fixes.”

(I’m just concerned that someone will take some of this the wrong way. Personally, to me, questions like “Who do you love?” or “How do you look?” or “What’s your bank account balance?” are not as important as the primary question “How well do you know Jesus?”…But I’m digressing!)

There is so much happening with this comic strip, like an overstuffed apple pie that’s ready to ooze out all over the place! What about Hank Chandler? Has he given up his suspicions!?! What about Miss Betty Mae? Is she really in a hospital?!? Why didn’t the nurse have her as a patient?!? And what about this “Lottery For Life Sweepstakes” winner? It sure seems Bradley Martin (“Lloyd Servant”) has something devious in mind!!!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

9 thoughts on ““Flooded With Miracle Reports!”

  1. Yes, I think you’ve made a very valid point, and it’s something that we are prone to do….look for the shortcut to what we want and bypass God if there’s any way possible. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You always have something very worthwhile to contribute.


  2. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the comic and wonder where my slice of miracle pie is. This reminds me of all the people who have told me that I have a gay demon inside me or that a demon entered me every time I was with a guy, and that I had to renounce every guy I had been with to get rid of the demons. This is legalism at its best. I had a stroke, and subsequent memory loss. I would be completely screwed it I had to remember each person I had been with. I thank God for the salvation of Jesus Christ, that covers even the things I can’t remember. Also, if a demon had caused my homosexuality, wouldn’t that be the same thing as saying “the devil made me do it”? That would mean I wouldn’t be accountable for sin and wouldn’t have to repent, because “the devil made me do it” after all, and just eating a slice of miracle pie would cure me. All for $1000 too! What a deal!!! AWESOME JOB!!!

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    1. I’m glad you got a chuckle out of today’s comic! I honestly wasn’t sure how people would take it. I’ve seen some really heated discussions, and sometimes you just want to say “chill out!” It’s all just really complicated, and the whole “demon” angle, just doesn’t seem right to me. (I totally get where you’re coming from as far as personal accountability. You can’t blame everything on demons!) There is at least one transgender person who attends the same church as me. I don’t understand it, but that’s not my place. I just figure if they are there in church, Jesus is doing whatever He needs to do or not do, and he doesn’t need my advice one way or the other! You’ve been through a lot, my friend, and I love what Jesus has done for you! Thanks!

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