“The One Right Way To Do Everything (Palm Sunday)”

Sometimes I think there’s are so many things going on in this comic strip that I could spend all day writing about all of the disturbing and toxic things. This is one of those times! But there is one main point, I believe.

So what do you think? Is there really “One right way to do everything”? Particularly in worship? And on a special day like Palm Sunday? Should we hold back our excitement?

It’s obvious that Flamethrower Mommy has “one right way” in mind, and that is “my way only”! There is a list of things that she does and doesn’t want to see her son doing, and you just know there are many more! These are like religious rules in a way.

But should rules get in the way of what we are feeling? And honestly, we truly should be excited about Jesus being King!

When I imagine Jesus as King, the picture isn’t just a crown or a thrown. It’s more than that. It’s almost a “visual sound” like a tuning fork and a piano. It’s like seeing everything, I mean everything, coming into its proper alignment, the way it is supposed to be, in absolute total harmonious accord with Jesus Himself!

I can’t draw that! I can’t describe that! But I think that you may be able to get an idea of what I mean through God’s Word in this passage (usually read around Christmas because of the wording “a child is born,” but it’s also very appropriate for Palm Sunday).

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end… Isaiah 9:6-7 (KJV)

Imagine, if you would, an event like “The Big Bang,” only instead of creating matter, time, and space, it created righteousness, peace, and joy that are always increasing, always expanding, forever and ever and all vibrating in one accord with Jesus Our King!

Yet how easy it is to trust Him with being King of Kings where the whole universe is concerned, and yet so difficult to trust Him with being King of Kings in our own small world of religious rituals and respectable worship.

One of the “rules” in this comic strip today was “NO hand flapping.” This is something that can be seen in children with autism, though it can be a developmental stage for any child. April is autism awareness month, and it’s something that I’ve touched on in other posts. Some churches are doing wonderful things in meeting the Christian education and worship needs of their autistic children. It’s worth researching and supporting!

8 thoughts on ““The One Right Way To Do Everything (Palm Sunday)”

  1. I would like to share a story on the “right way of doing things”. I grew up in a Church of God. We weren’t a very demonstrative bunch. We didn’t really raise our hands. We didn’t fall face down. We barely clapped. So that is what I thought was the “right way”.

    We had a lady attend our church (this was moons ago, I was a child) and she brought flags. She stood in the back and waved her flags and several people made fun of her, and that always stuck in my head.

    Now, I’m a part of a Christian Church that is connected to the IPHC (the P does in fact stand for Pentecostal) and that are all sorts of “types” of worship there. We have flag-wavers and hand-raisers. We have people that fall face down all the floor. We have folks that sing and folks that stand in silence and awe. I’ve come to love and respect all those different types of worship.

    For me personally, like this morning, I was so humbled and thankful for the blood of Jesus that I closed my eyes and stood silently. Other times, I’m a bit more demonstrative. And I think that’s all okay.

    Probably a bit off point, but I wanted to share regardless 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you shared that story, and it is exactly the point! I’ve often thought that a heavenly celebration is going to be a widely varied kind of event because it will take an infinitely different number of voices and songs of praise to express God’s infinitely awesome greatness! Imagine songs from every tongue and every tribe and every nation alone! Great comment! Thanks!!!

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  2. Seventh-Day-Adventists, when I was a young girl, were the quietest Christians around. Lol Head bowed, hands folded when we prayed. Once in awhile someone might say, “Amen,” during a sermon, but it was rare. I’ve heard things are different now, and I’m glad.

    If we take David’s example we will dance, jump and sing before the Lord. We will worship him with loud, clashing, cymbals. We will make a joyful noise unto the Lord. I like that kind of worship myself, but to each his own. Everyone has their own way of worshiping and I also think that is fine.

    It is funny how kids make a weapon out of anything. My grandsons were using sharp sticks as swords, so my daughter bought them plastic ones which were safer. She hadn’t done it before because she didn’t want to buy toys like that.

    I guess your message here might be that we should never criticize anyone for the way they worship? I saw a lot of that at the Adventist Church by the old people to the young people. Some oldies even thought using a guitar was a sin. I guess they didn’t ever read the Old Testament. They drove a lot of the young people out of the church. Too bad they couldn’t just be happy a young person was actually singing about Jesus. Too bad they couldn’t rejoice in that! Hard to understand.

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    1. Thanks, Belle. Yes, I think there’s more than one way to worship God outwardly as long as inwardly it’s “in spirit and in truth”! I like exuberant contemporary kinds of worship but also classic traditional kinds of worship. There doesn’t seem to be a “one size fits all” kind of thing when it comes to worship!

      Thinking of dancing before the Lord like David, a church that I was a member of for many years had a summer worship dance program with a huge performance at the end. It was phenomenal, and it was impossible to not want to move, clap, and dance a little myself!

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  3. I go to a Baptist church (out of habit more than anything). They are uptight and rigid. I even find myself conforming to this stolid rigidity. In the center pew at the front of the congregation is a retarded man (can I even say retarded?) named Adam. He praised God with his hand out stretched, and raised up. He gives glory to God, not in the slightest bit concerned what someone else might think of him. He has his troubles, obviously. But many times I find myself wishing I could be like him.

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    1. That is a beautiful story. Truly it is! I’ve thought similarly myself because it seems that the more “stuff” we know about the world, the less we know about God. We can even “overthink” God, I believe, and totally miss Him. And then there’s the whole “What will people think?” issue and that can really mess you up! For Palm Sunday, we had a parade down the center aisle, down one side and then the other! Everybody got involved and nobody felt silly! It was great! Adam would have loved it, and I think you would have too! Thanks again for sharing!

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