“If Any Of This Really Mattered…”

So I’ve had several persistent inquiries about Facebook.

To be truthful, “several” means “less than six,” and “persistent” means “all coming from the same person.”

Thank you Christians In Motion! (Great content there for everyone!)

I’ve got to say, I’m not a Facebook user myself. Though I tried to be. I got one “friend,” and that was way too overwhelming!

Anyway, I’ve tried out a Facebook Page some this week. I think I have the “Settings”right. So here goes!


I don’t want to just completely duplicate everything that is in WordPress.

So I’m trying just posting the graphic strip and a link back to WordPress to read more.

I’m also intending to post on Facebook some things that just don’t seem to fit in WordPress like “Here’s a sketch for a new character” or “I’m thinking about doing this…What do you think?”

This is really just a trial to see how it goes. For any of you who are regular Facebook users, if you see me making a huge goof, please let me know!

Just for the record, I was great at “paint-by-numbers” and I think they are a “thing”now on Pinterest. Oh, no! More social media! Yikes!


Notice how I had to use “graphx”because “graphics”was too many letters? My first board is “Paint-By-Numbers”!

And also just for the record, all of this isn’t because I matter. It’s because Jesus matters. A lot.

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