“The Miraculous Multiplying Pie”

This is #010 of “The Lloyd Servant Show,” and he certainly has come a long way since #001 because he can now afford more television time! It’s not enough for a 30 minute program, but it is enough to introduce his beautiful and glamorous wife and spiritual partner, Bradeena Martin!

We also get a glimpse of the secret investigations of Henry “Hank” Chandler, publisher of “The Daily Pilot” newspaper. Hmm…something seems amiss! As in the missing Miss Betty Mae Butler!

More to follow once we learn about what this Miraculous Multiplying Pie can do!!!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

Special Note: Miraculous Multiplying Pies are NOT real things. Loaves and Fishes, YES! Pies, NO!

8 thoughts on ““The Miraculous Multiplying Pie”

  1. The miracle of the slice of apple pie is troubling in the sense of what Yogi Berra said when he ordered a pizza at his favorite place. The pizza maker asked Yogi. “How many slices do you want 8 or 6?” Yogi replied, “make it six, i can’t eat 8.”

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  2. I was listening to Daily Audio Bible last night and God talked about false prophets who said they were speaking for him. He said when you had proof, you had to kill the false prophet.

    God takes his reputation and name very seriously. Preachers who try to make money or lie in God’s name will meet God face-to-face one day. Pretty scary.

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