“Recognizing Righteous Anger”

This may be an odd little comic strip today. (After all, it does have the word “pee” in it. Hopefully that won’t offend anyone.)

It started out just as a goofy little kid thing while I was thinking about growing up and not being able to quite understand the world. As a child, there were a lot of dualistic things that didn’t make sense to me, like “boys and girls.”

Think about it. You’re born and just about as soon as you realize it, there isn’t just one world. There are really two worlds, just sort of tentatively getting along: the world of boys and the world of girls. You don’t get a say in it. You just are in one of those worlds. Even though you can see the other world, you just can’t figure it out!

It’s like the biggest mystery ever. Until you find out that it really all has to do with how you go to the bathroom. (That works for a while anyway, at least long enough to get back to your toys and favorite television shows!) Being about the bathroom at least makes the mystery somehow manageable.

But this isn’t about going to the bathroom. It’s about anger. Come to find out there’s not just one world of anger. There are really two worlds, also not getting along at all: the world of righteous anger and the world of unrighteousness anger.

I think maybe children only see “anger.” They aren’t able to analyze and differentiate the way adults can between the two.

Righteous anger is based on actual sin, actual evil. Righteous anger isn’t about preferences or inconveniences. It’s about rights and freedoms being trampled upon.

The Gospel of Mark shows an image of Jesus experiencing righteous anger. In this situation it was because religious leaders didn’t want Him to heal on the Sabbath.

After looking around at them with anger, grieved at their hardness of heart, He said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” And he stretched it out, and his hand was restored. Mark 3:5 (NASB)

It is powerful to me how Jesus expressed His righteous anger by healing, not hurting. This is what I want to do.

6 thoughts on ““Recognizing Righteous Anger”

  1. Hey, you promised cleavage! But “pee” is pretty dirty though. It’ll have to do! On the subject of “pee” I was working earlier today on a post about the quip from Jeremiah, “he that pisseth against the wall.”

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    1. Cleavage is tomorrow in “The Lloyd Servant Show” so try not to lose any sleep in anticipation! You know the guys that wrote the Old Testament could really talk about bathroom functions when they needed to, couldn’t they?!?


  2. Yes, Jesus did have righteous anger at sin. He told the religious leaders what their sins were and I think some took it to heart because it says that many of the priests became believers after Jesus died and rose again.

    Regular, every-day anger is ugly and very hurtful. Like your cartoon, it can crush a person’s soul. I know someone who used to tell her son she wished he had never been born. He is a schizophrenic now. Right now he is in another relapse. He just stops taking his pills and gets sick.

    The last few days I think of him and my grandson, who is living with drug addiction and I just am feeling sad. I thought perhaps it was wrong of me to feel sadness lately, but then I read a book that discussed Jesus’ sadness. I’ve decided today to just go with it. Lol Not gonna fight it today – I’ll do a little wallowing.

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    1. You know, Belle, I think sometimes you have to. It’s all just part of grieving. If you don’t acknowledge your feelings and instead keep them bottled inside, you hurt yourself much worse than having a little “pity party.” (I think that’s what they call it?) Praying for you.

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