“Truck of Death? Pie of Life?”

This is #009 of “The Lloyd Servant Show” and it features the front page of today’s newspaper!

But for some of you, this may generate more questions than answers! Perhaps you might be asking, “Why is the face of Betty Mae Butler covered in the large featured photograph?” (The answer is given in a separate part of today’s comic strip!) You might even be asking, “Will Hank Chandler give up his quest for the truth and give in to whatever ridiculous story sells newspapers?” (That is a very good question!)

More to follow! All I can say for now is that the wife of Bradley Martin (“Lloyd Servant”), Bradeena Martin, will soon make an appearance!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

For first time or new readers, this comic strip is part of a series. You can catch up with the plot line by selecting the menu icon in the upper right corner and then “The Lloyd Servant Show” under “Categories.” Scroll down to get to the very beginning!

3 thoughts on ““Truck of Death? Pie of Life?”

  1. When the Republican nomination race was going on last year, the newspapers and internet were full of front page news on Trump. He said the most outrageous things and it sold newspapers. After he shocked everyone and won the nomination, some people said it was because the papers gave him the most coverage. They said it was morally wrong for the news people to give him such publicity when they knew he was an awful man and bad for the country.

    I don’t know if that is why he won. I don’t think so. I think regular Republicans were sick of their old representatives because they never made anyone’s life better. Well, that is not their goal, actually. Lol

    Well, so in your graphic, there are lies being told about this woman and of course letting people believe Lloyd is saving her with money they gave. So they will keep on giving money. Televangelists have a lot to answer for and I wouldn’t want to be them on judgement day.

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    1. Yes, newspapers and the media really can be a powerful force. Just as a sort of side note, I’ve stopped watching the news on TV in the morning and I’ve stopped reading almost anything beyond the headlines on political stories in the paper. If it’s about change, I’ll read on; if it’s about conflict I won’t. It’s been amazing how my day goes so much better when I haven’t been stirred up by the attention grabbing political headlines that are dividing our country!


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